SMS jokes form my sister

How to kill a lion?

  1. Dravid method
    Ask the lion to bowl to him. hit 1 run in 200 ball.
  2. Ramarajan method
    Put 5 kgs of make-up on the lion face. It will die due to overweight.
  3. Vijayakanth method
    Speak before the lion for 1/2 an hour about India.
  4. Rajkiran method
    Just sit and eat before the lion.

interesting good night message – SMS

Love pandravanukku loverthan figure!
Love pannathavanukku figure ellam lover!

so sight mattum adippom,
santhosama irruppom

லவ் பன்னுராவனுக்கு லவர்தான் பிகரு
லவ் பன்னாதவனுக்கு பிகரு எல்லாம் லாவரு

சோ, சைட் மட்டும் அடிப்போம்,
சந்தோசமா இருப்போம்.

—– goodnight 🙂

Are you shifting your airtel broadband to a new house?

We shifted to a new locality within 2 km in Madipakkam area. I was in a hurry to move my Airtel broadband connection to the new place.  So I called Airtel customer support. After pressing almost all of the digits from 1 to 9 …. I was able to hear a real  human voice ….  he suggested me to raise a query to change my address to the new address and he was asking me to get ready with the address proof of the new house. I asked him how long it will take for them to gave a connection in my new house. He said it will take two working days if its inside the city … But he added something about the feasibility of the setup box and the employee who has to come to fix the connection …

I waited for a couple of days and called them to get the status of my relocation request but nothing  happened. When I called the customer support guy again he registered my full conversation and gave me a reference number. (this was my second reference number).

Then I waited for some more days and I called them again. This time they said they were not able to give a connection. This was almost after some 20 days … that I gave a call to know what is the status … Previously I was using this airtel connection in different cities in India. I never had a problem …

What I was expecting, being a prominent place (Puzhuthivakkam) .. definitely i might get the broadband connection …But It was not like that … One of my friend was also in the same condition … but fortunatelty he got the connection … and upgarded to a new faster connection …

I asked them … if you guys are telling me that you are not able to give me a connection after these many days … now what I have to do for closing of an broadband account … he guided me that I have a raise one more complaint to close my account ….

So .. the guy raised  a request and .. gave me a reference number … After few day one guy from airtel gave a call to me that he has to collect the intstruments from my home… he asked us our fesibile tiemings … we told him and waited for him … but haven’t turned up on that day … He came after three days and collected the intsruments …

When I asked about the repayment of the advance amount he said after 45 days I will get a check … In the mean time I applied fro the BSNL connection …

Here is the finniest part of this month long drama …

  1. Call no 1: One guy called me from airtel and he asked me to go for an promotional package … and he started to explain me the benefits of that particular … higherend broadband connection … I told him politely that kindly check your dadbase .. I am no longer your customer … Then he asked me apologise …
  2. Call no 2: After a few days again I got a call from diferent number, different city I hope … again one guy was trying to convince me to go for the new broadband plan … This time I was bit annoid and told him .. a bit harshly to go to sleep
  3. Call no 3: After two day .. I got a same type of call from a airtel empyee about his promotional offer .. he called from mumbai  … This time I scolded him … I asked him to raise a request ..that update the status immediatelly after they diconnected a connection …

Lessons learned from this experience .. If you want to make a move to a new location … ask for the fecibility from your internet service provider,  … Because without internet I struggled  a lot.

SMS messages from my friends – part 3

  1. No one is born happy but every one is born with ability to create happiness … So make every one happy by flashing your sweet smile
  2. Amazing fact: Shakespeare doesn’t know the letters J and X. Because these alphabets came 14 years after his death. So you can’t find J and X in his poems.
  3. Life never leaves you empty. it always replaces everything you lost .. if it asks you to put something down … it’s because it wants you to pick up something better.
  4. பணம் வரும் போகும், பதவி வரும் போகும், கவலை வரும் போகும், காதல்கூட வரும் போகும், ஆனா சிங்கத்தோட SMS மட்டும் வரும் வரும் வந்துக்கிடே இருக்கும் ….
  5. An elephant falls in love with ant. But ant’s parents opposed their marriage. they gave a solid reason… ” பையனுக்கு ரெண்டு பல் தூக்கலா இருக்கு” (This boy has two very long teeth) 🙂

SMS messages from my friends – part 2

  1. A butterfly lives only for few days. But still it flies joyfully capturing many hearts. Each moment in life is precious. Live it fully and win as many hearts.
  2. Heard work is like steps. Luck is like a Lift. Lift may fail some times. But, steps will always get you to the top.
  3. Living in the favorable & unfavorable situation is “Part of living”. But smiling in all those situations is called “Art of living”. keep smiling.
  4. At childhood we always wanted to grow big. But now we realize that broken pencils and unfilled homework was better than broken hearts and bitter tears.
  5. “You should always perform your duties and tasks to the best of your ability but surrender the outcome to God”