SMS jokes form my sister

How to kill a lion?

  1. Dravid method
    Ask the lion to bowl to him. hit 1 run in 200 ball.
  2. Ramarajan method
    Put 5 kgs of make-up on the lion face. It will die due to overweight.
  3. Vijayakanth method
    Speak before the lion for 1/2 an hour about India.
  4. Rajkiran method
    Just sit and eat before the lion.

SMS from my sister – Corporate Lessons

Corporate Lessons

  1. “We will do it” means “You will do it”
  2. “You have done a great job” means “More work will be given to you”
  3. “We are a team” means “I am not the only to be blamed”
  4. “That is a good question” means “I do not know anything about it”
  5. “All the best” means “You are in trouble”

interesting good night message – SMS

Love pandravanukku loverthan figure!
Love pannathavanukku figure ellam lover!

so sight mattum adippom,
santhosama irruppom

லவ் பன்னுராவனுக்கு லவர்தான் பிகரு
லவ் பன்னாதவனுக்கு பிகரு எல்லாம் லாவரு

சோ, சைட் மட்டும் அடிப்போம்,
சந்தோசமா இருப்போம்.

—– goodnight 🙂

SMS messages from my friends – part 2

  1. A butterfly lives only for few days. But still it flies joyfully capturing many hearts. Each moment in life is precious. Live it fully and win as many hearts.
  2. Heard work is like steps. Luck is like a Lift. Lift may fail some times. But, steps will always get you to the top.
  3. Living in the favorable & unfavorable situation is “Part of living”. But smiling in all those situations is called “Art of living”. keep smiling.
  4. At childhood we always wanted to grow big. But now we realize that broken pencils and unfilled homework was better than broken hearts and bitter tears.
  5. “You should always perform your duties and tasks to the best of your ability but surrender the outcome to God”

SMS messages from my friends – part 1

  1. Don’t wait for things to happen, Make it happen.  Have a great day. Good Morning.
    தானாக நிகழும் என காத்திருக்காதே. நிகழ்த்திக்காட்டு.
  2. Jaipathu than valkai endral maranathidam naam thorpathu yaen? Thorpathu than Vaalkai endral moodiya imaikal thinam thirapathu yaen?
    ஜெயிப்பதுதான் வாழ்கை என்றால் மரணம் நம்மை ஜெயிப்பது ஏன்?
    தோர்ற்பதுதான் வாழ்கை என்றால் மூடிய இமைகள் தினம் திறப்பது ஏன்?
  3. “Stand Up”, “Be Bold”, “Be Strong”.
    எழுந்து நில் ! தைரியமாக இரு !  பலசாலியாய் இரு! 🙂
    Take the whole responsibility on your shoulders and believe that you are the creator of your own destiny – good Morning.
  4. Hitler’s Great Command …. “Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world. If you do you are insulting yourself. Good Morning.
  5. If you want to be a great man and winner in life, listen to what your girl friend says and do the opposite – Bernardshaw . Good Night.

a good story …

Just for fun:

There was a paati in a grammam. 1 day she was sutting a vadai. At d time 1 kaakaa came ans abess the vadai. then it sat on one maram. A nari came and said “ur kural is so nice. so sing a paattu for me” then the kaakaa open its vaai to sing. Dhobukadeenu vada fell down. The nari kavving that vadai and went away …

Moral : Vada poche ..!

I got this smsm from my sis …

ரூம் போட்டு யோஸிபாளுகளோ 🙂

I got a sms regarding Swine Flu – part 2

Do you believe it?

Use Nilgiri oil drops on handkerchiefs and masks as one of the preventive measures against swine flu – national institute of virology.

Stop sending or forwarding any SMS regarding Swine flu