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Find the Tamil Movie ? / Find the Tamil Cinema Name? / இந்த தமிழ் படத்தின் பெயரைக் கண்டுபிடயுங்கள்?

Find the Tamil Movie / Film / Cinema Name - Post your answers in the comment section

Find the Tamil Movie / Film / Cinema Name - Post your answers in the comment section

Meals in banana leaves

South Indian Non-Vegetarian Meal, Thirunagar, Madurai

South Indian Non-Vegetarian Meal, Thirunagar, Madurai

My sister Priya took this photo in Amutham hall, Thirunagar, Madurai. We were there to attend my cousin brothers Flower Keeping Function. We had a full un-limited Sounth Indian Non-Vegetarian meal (Mutton Biriyani, Chicken Kuruma, Chicken fry – leg piece, sweet – laddo, onion with curd finally a Banana. It’s always a great feel to eat our meal in Banana leaves. It may be Vegetarian meals or Non-Vegetarian meal. It doesn’t matter . If you had a hot rice or biriyani,  due to the heat produced by the hot rice, the served area of the banana leaf will become dark and smells well..

If u keep some hot foodstuff in a banana leaf it releases or emits the vitamin-C it contains. so the people get more nutrition and enrichment when they use banana leaves instead of plastic plates.

Still I remember when we were kids, in those days, whenever some guests came to my house my mum will serve food in Banana Leaves. Because in my native the cost of Banana leaves are cheaper, and most importantly if the number of guests are more Banana leaves will definitely save your time and effort to clean plates .

When we were traveling in train/bus for a long distance my mum will prepare variety rice and my dad will pack them in banana leaves.  First he will spread a news paper on the floor, on top of it he keep the prepared rice with it’s dish and some pickle. My dad is a king in packing. Without using threads he managed to pack the tightly and safely only using the outer news papers.  And the quantity of rice inside each pack will be according to the age group of our family members.

In my family we use Banana leaves for

  1. Christmas Day celebrations.
  2. New year Celebrations.
  3. Birthday Celebration.
  4. Any surprise guests. Especially other state friends and overseas friends.
  5. Engagement functions.
  6. Marriage Functions.
  7. Naming Ceremony.
  8. Funerals.

Some of the small scale manufacturers are making banana leaf as a plate in south India.  Eating in banana leaves is somewhat a part of the Malaysian culture too. Its an art to eat Rasam rice and Butter-Milk rice in Banana leaves. After you finish eating in Banana leaves, they will become food for the rode side cattle.

According to traditions, one has to eat carbohydrates (rice) first, then protein(Dal), iron rich(vegetables) and fat (curd). This is the order food is served and consumed as well. It is even more traditional, to sit on the floor in a mat and having food.

What I learned from Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan

Lashmi Narayanan  from Regunathapuram near Ranmad, Tamilnadu, India
Mr. Lashmi Narayanan from Regunathapuram near

Ranmad, Tamilnadu, India

I still remember my first meeting with Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan. It was in Hayath Hostel, Yeshwantpur, Bangalore – Karnataka state. He came there to look for an M.C.A. Project and through my friends he came to me for help. After that we often met in Bangalore.

We stayed together and studied together. As he looked so young, I treated him like a younger brother. Later I came to know that he was married and was elder than me by a couple of years. After that we started calling him as “Laks uncle”. He is tech savvy person and we learned from each other. Even-though he was married, he was smart and managed to do both household and office works.

He worked hard to gain the technical skills. Most of my friends call him “devil programmer” becausehe can write program in any language. Even if he doesn’t know the language he will learn it in a couple of days and finish the work. After I got a job in Malaysia, Prism Vision Networks Corporation Sdn. I asked him to join our company. Without any hesitation he resigned his Indian job and came to Malaysia.

There he did a tremendous work. He was one of those people who worked hard with me to get MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor) status to the company as well as our portals, and Now he is in Bangalore with his family. He is a great guy to work with. now he has a daughter, Tharshini studying U.K.G.

I learned many things from him, but the best one is “How to manage time for studies after marriage” tofamily as well us study ( i.e., being up to date with the latest technologies). He is a role model to nearly all of my friends. He is very adjustable and jovial.He is fun to be with and his “timely jokes” are absolutely awesome. If his wife calls him, he will get tensed and will run away from us to attend the call. He uses his right hand to hold the mobile phone to his left ear.

Thanks to uncle laks :).

Are you returning from abroad?

வெளிநாட்டிலிருந்து திரும்புவாரா  நீங்கள்?

I took this pic when one of friend retuning to India from Kualalumpur, Malaysia(வெளிநாடு , மலேசியா, கோலாலும்பூர்).

Some of thing that my area people will by while returning to India fron abroad

Some of thing that my area people will by while returning to India fron abroad

I went to Malaysia as Senior Web Designer in 2003. That was my maiden journey(முதல் பிரயாணம்) to abroad. After one month of initial work I came back to India. That time I didn’t purchased much. I just got the salary and left Malaysia in a hurry. When the second time I came back to India from Chennai I bought few thing like dresses, sweets, medicines, toys, body-spray, …etc,. One of our family friend came to receive me in Chennai airport.
I thought of traveling in evening by train but I got a call from my house that I will have to leave Chennai immediately (Later I came to realize that my wife had few relatives over in Chennai).  So I took a government bus to go to Madurai along with my family friend. From Madurai I took a bus to Ramanathapuram.

Next day afternoon we reached Ramanathapuram(இராமநாதபுரம்), and my parents and my brother were excited to see me. After a while my family friend (15 year old boy I hope) said he has to make a move. So I opened my luggage and took a t-shirt, few sweets, pens and a body-spray . I thanked him for his accompany from Chennai to Ramanathapuram. He went to his native after a few minutes. I dropped him in the Railway station.

Ramanathapuram Luggage Opening Rules

When I returned to home my mum was in great angry on me, because I broke the RLOR (Ramanathapuram Luggage Opening Rules).  Latter I realized why my mum was angry on me. In my city, if any one come from abroad, all the friends and relatives will visit that guy to chit-chat with him about his trip, work over there. Most of the peoples main motive will be the uy will be giving them small gift (this is personal opinion). Especially it’s our duty to invite our close relatives and we will have open our luggage in front of them it seam.

Let’s consider my neighborhood friend last trip to Singapore(சிங்கப்பூர்). He gave me a two sets of best pens. So before opening my luggage (after I returned from any country) I have to call my neighbor.  I started collecting the full rules and regulations in the near by small towns and villages. The data gave a amazing trend and valuable information.

Let us consider our South Indian Marriage(தென் இந்திய திருமணம்) or any other function. In the day, after the lunch (Once the function got over) a guy or two will be sitting out side the function hall with a note book. Friends and relatives will give gifts as object/things or money. They will written their Name, Address, Relationship and the amount.  For example if I attended a friends marriage and gave a 1000 Rs. as gift,they will make a note of it in their notebook. Later, in my family if we are have any function, regardless of we are inviting that guy or not he will have to come and gift that 1000 rs or more. If he gifted more than I will have consider that extra money the next function which would happen in his house in future.

Lessons learned:

What I learned from this second trip to Malaysia, I always have two luggage boxes. One box will contain the things according to my wish ad the other box contains this like sweets, dresses, powder, body-spray … refer the above picture.

The funniest part is, you might have bought things by have a friend and relatives list in your mind and what to buy for them. But if they came there asked a specific thing which was allocated by you for a different person then you will have re-arrange the gifts for the other people.

bible quiz 2

1.  இயேசுவின்  முதல் அற்புதம் எங்கு எப்போது நடந்தது?
2. இயேசுவின்  முதல் அற்புதம் முடிந்த பின்பு எங்கே போனார்கள்?
3. இயேசுவின்  முதல் அற்புதம் முடிந்த பின்பு எந்தப் பண்டிகை சமீபமாய் இருந்தது?
4. இயேசு எருசலேம் தேவ ஆலயத்தில் யார் யாரை அடித்துத் துரதினார்?
5. இயேசு எருசலேம் தேவ ஆலயத்தை மக்கள் இடித்துப் போட்டால் எத்துனை நாட்ட்களில் கட்டித்தருவதா சொன்னார்?