It gave a complete idea about my visitors behavior

Last year I posted a presentation regarding “How To Check The Indian Passport Status?” … and today I got a complete report (statistical data). It gave a complete idea about my visitors behavior.

Slideshare Annual Report

Slideshare Annual Report

I wonder how many people are already straggling to check the Indian Passport Status in Online.  In the past 7 months 27,000 people already visited my presentation to clarify their doubts about how to check the status. I wrote a blog in wordpress as  well. There also a minimum of 10 to 20 visitors per day.  Indian Passport authorities has to take necessary actions to upgrade their site.

Diabetes, Asthma & Heart Care Clinic – Madipakkam, Chennai

Diabetes, Asthma & Heart Care Clinic, madipakkam - Chennai

Diabetes, Asthma & Heart Care Clinic, madipakkam - Chennai

Dr. A. Radhakrishnan. M.D.,

Consultant Physician & Senior Civil Surgeon & AMA
Prof. of Medicine, Madras medical College,
Govt. General Hospital, Chennai.

Diabetes, Asthma & Heart Care

Timing: 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.


Just opposite to

  1. MORE dot super-mart
  2. Paathaala Vinayagar Temple
Diabetes, Asthma & Heart Care Clinic

Diabetes, Asthma & Heart Care Clinic

What do you do when you find a Cobra or venomous snake in your house or garden?

What do you do when you find a Cobra or a Venomous Snake in your house?
(Venomous – Extremely poisonous or injurious; producing venom)



I strongly advise – Please do not kill snakes if you have any way of calling a trained expert to safely remove it from you house or garden. Snakes do not take any active interest in humans. They will try to escape from that place the moment they note  human presence.

For most of us, if we happen to see a snake in our house (drawer / box / bush) or garden, the first thing  that runs in our mind is to hit that snake with a broom or stick or any other form of stick (Cricket bat / Hokey Bat / Cricket Stump) . Never ever do that.

First Thing you have to do

  1. Move all family members straightaway from that area
  2. Do not attempt to interact with it at all
  3. Call to experts who handle snakes
  4. Make a mental note of it’s markings, color, length and so on (These days everyone holds a mobile phone with camera. Just click

Other points to remember

  1. If you find a snake in a drawer / box / bush or somewhere difficult to access leave it alone and keep watching it movement until the experts come
  2. Don’t go near any snake if you don’t know how to hit a snake or handle a snake attack

Common tips

  1. Try to get some basic knowledge about how to distinguish between venomous snakes and non venomous snakes
  2. Always keep a list of doctors’ and clinics’ phone numbers for emergency purposes
  3. Try to teach your kid about snacks and ask them to inform adults in the house if at all they find any one of them


  1. Snacks in India: Wildlife – Snakes in India.
  2. You could have a glance: The Whitaker guide to Indian snakes

Why I am wrote this post?

IMG_1046My apartment is located near a pond.There are lot of bushes all along the bank, on both sides. Last week, when kids in my apartment were playing in the portico, they saw a snake coming at the side of our apartment. They informed the adults about this snake immediately. Adults asked everybody to move from that place. In a few minutes that snake went to the back side of my apartment and settles down in a hole. Then my friends, Darvin and Justin gave a call to the Guindy National Park people. After an hour they came and captured the snake and moved it to the zoo. They gave some money as a token of gratitude.

Here is the number to call them : 044 – 2220 0335 / 98848 47673 (Guindy National Park)

some useful video clips from – posted by expert village.

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Some interesting photos in by captain Suresh Sharma