My Intro

An astute professional with 10 + years of experience in Information Technology.

I am working as a Usability Architect in the Innovation Labs – Web 2.0 Labs, Tata Consultancy Services with 10 + years of experience in IT industry.

Currently my area of research is on

  • Social Interaction Design
  • web 2.0 features.

My responsibilities are providing advisory, consulting, product definition, and UI / architectural help to companies in the Web 2.0 space.In-depth knowledge in technologies and Designing Tools, Prototyping and maintenance of portals.

Successfully handled the role of Webmaster / Senior Web Designer for several high value projects.

Well versed with a wide gamut of funtions entailling

  • User Interface Design
  • Social Interaction Design
  • Usability
  • Concept Development & Prototyping
  • Collaboration Platform
  • Next Generation Social Channels and Desktop Design
  • E-commerce Initiatives & Online Promotion
  • Search Engine Strategies & Website management

Excellent presentational and analytical skills.

My Strengths and Beliefs

  1. End user approach- This is always my first approach in designing. Always I will imagine myself as end user.
  2. Creative mind- This virtue has helped me in designing unique designs.
  3. Keen observation – This is the key to customer insight.
  4. Fast learner – I can pick-up new technologies very fast.
  5. Good Trainer – Training juniors with full enthusiasm.
  6. Quality documentation – A good document is half the job done.
  7. Patience – Patience pays dividends. It is not time bound.
  8. Mingle around – Easily accustom with the co-works.
  9. Effective communications skills: Verbal and written for both highly-technical and non-technical audiences

8 Responses

  1. தகவல் வலை உபயோகமயமாக்கள் செந்தமிழ் சிற்பி அவர்களே 🙂

    உங்க ப்லோக் நிறைய விஷயம் சொல்லுது…
    Very practical and down-to-earth life experiences.
    and also love ur regularity.

    just a request.. pl optimize ur wp for mobile browsers… sometimes i see urs from mobile and unoptimized version consume a lot of bandwidth..

  2. Hi samuvel:

    First of all i wish to congratulate u , for simple and clean design of your blog.

    your writing style is too casual just like talking with our friends , and i wish to see these writing enthusiasm in future too!

    I will come back frequently and i bookmarked your site.

  3. hi!! i represent Hoos Tales, a story telling carnival for children. to promote the same i would require your help. It would be great if you put up the post on your blog for people to read and get their kids to come and enjoy the lost art of storytelling. Please do reply for my mail.



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  5. Hi,
    Thanks for the practical information
    How to contct you?

  6. Dear Alfred,
    I am from JJ college and found your articles and felt really happy to know you.

    pls add me in face book.

    if got time do call me .

    I am in Bangalore – 097420-33359

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