Beware Of Snake Magicians in Gurgaon, Haryana

First Experience in Gurgaon: I was traveling with my friend Palani in a rickshaw to our destination. It happened on the month of July 2006. Both of us travel in rickshaw regularly to office in the morning as well as in the evening.

One fine morning in July 2006, a snake magician stopped our rickshaw. He was dressed like a saint but holding a snake in his hand. He was talking about some god’s names. As my friend started giving attention, he came near to him started asking him for five rupees. He told that he will touch that snake with the five rupees. So that, the money will be blessed one.

The moment my friend open the purse he saw hundred rupees notes. So he started asking for a hundred rupee. My friend gave him a 100 rupees note. He chanted some mantras and touched the money nearer to the snake’s mouth. Suddenly, the money disappeared from his hand. He was telling that, snake ate the money. The money will directly reach a particular god.

We were not able to do anything. Both of us were running out of time that day. Once the money disappeared, the magician started walking in the opposite direction. It’s a peculiar way of cheating. So whoever comes to Gurgaon, please make a note of such incident.

Those snake magicians will wear either dirty dresses or clean orange color dresses. They will have a sand snake or some poisonous snake in their hand to divert our concentration.