What happend to zoozoo?

A very creative zoozoo vodafone ad in Madurai Junction (Railway station)

A very creative zoozoo vodafone ad in Madurai Junction (Railway station)

I took this photo in Madurai Railway station a couple of weeks back. The moment I saw this ad … Vadivelu’s comedy came in to my mind

How to get a job? Career Guidance – PART 2

When to apply for big / mega corporate?

If you are a fresher then definitely you have to apply for small companies / consultancies first. get a good experience in attending interview. if you feel you are comfortable and you could face any kind of interview panel then start applying for mega corporates.

You may be thinking … why not? …. the answer is if you started applying for mega corporates like TCS, CTS, … etc … once your resume is shortlisted for an interview and if you failed to clear the inter view  … for the coming 6 months you won’t be able to attend for an inter view again. (this is not an accurate data I am giving it as an example, this duration differs from company to company)

And one more thing … if you are attending an interview again in a same company … they will definitely have your past history .. its a bit tough to clear because they knew you weak areas in your area of specialization.

that is why it is always advisable to attend mega corporate interviews after a through preparation.

Guiding people to get a job…

Guiding people to get a job – It’s a duty of every Indian – my dad

Today I met a guy who has passed his B.E. with few cups remaining. After I had a long discussion with him still I am not able to understand his current situation and family background. After I had a good discussion with him, I tried to help him in getting a job by just asking few questions about his education. He mentioned me a few areas where is having problems. Its very bad that somebody guided him that if we use … we won’t be a good in behavior and there are lots of area were could use internet for the bad things.

I tried to explain him … few basic points how and all we could use the inter in the positive way. Now its a challenge for me to educate him to use the net. As an engineer definitely he has to use internet get a job. On top of it he has completed a .net with C#, and a software testing course. So started from the scratch. Day 1. I asked his email id he said hisbigname_g19353@yahoo.co.in … some thing like that. As a first step I asked him to keep a small id like nameBE@gmail.com … Its very easy for those who have to contact you … especially HR people ..

Then I took a class on in how many different way our “Google” text box will work and brings us the results …. And I asked him to have a look at how social networking is happening is happening … So I suggested him to get a BSNL broadband connection .. because he could get the students benefits … One more problem I found was parents has to talk to their kids … at least after they completed their regular college courses.

Some people will hesitant to ask for money or any other form of help because they already started thinking that they are a burden to their family. No father or mother was like that ….

How to get a job? Career Guidance – PART 1

In current trend .. some time you have run before walk

I mean just prepare a bit start attending interviews will give you a good understanding about

  1. What are your capabilities
  2. You current position
  3. How for you have to prepare
  4. How many question you don’t know the answers
  5. How many questions you know the answer
how to clear an interview? interview life cycle

how to clear an interview? interview life cycle

Step 1:

Are you well prepared or not? Just start attending interviews. Definitely you won’t be able to recollect all the question they have asked in that interview.

Step 2:

Just after you came out of an interview hall ,,, just make a not of few questions. which ever is coming in your mind at that time … … especially those you don’t know the answer or you haven’t answered properly … Just make a note of them. Very importantly at least the area name (concepts or the chapter names in a particular subject).

Step 3:

Come home. Take a few hours rest. Then refer your hints note paper. Start preparing answers for those questions. For example if you are looking for a programmer job and your area of specialization is .net mean … keep a different note for  ASP.net, SQL server, C# …. start collecting questions and answers by attending more number of interviews.

Step 4:

Few days prepare for the interview again. Some of the definitions you have to memorize and vomit  in an interview is the correct way. you have no other alternates.  Now if you go another interview definitely you will be attending it with a better confidence.

In the process of attending interviews, you will be able find some patterns … I mean at a stage, you feel most of the questions are familiar to you.  … try to attend the interview in small companies first ,,, get the experience in attending an interview … get rid of interview fear/tension … then start applying for big companies ….

definitely you will get the interest and courage to attend more interviews until you get a job.