Hoo’s tales – The International Festival supported by of Stories

Hoo's tales -  The International Festival supported by of Stories

Hoo's tales - The International Festival supported by of Stories

HOO’s Tales is a week-long international storytelling carnival that is being organized by Hippocampus – the reading library. Established by Mr. Umesh Malhotra, a former IIT graduate. Hippocampus recognizes that reading amongst children is a dying habit and therefore, the need to inculcate and re-instate greater acceptance to this habit by blending the fun element. Thus HOO’s Tales brings stories to life by bringing together story tellers and artists of repute and allowing their performances to revive the long forgotten magic of reading stories.

International storytellers like Craig Jenkins or our very own and much loved Jeeva Raghunath will be seen enthralling the audiences with their stories alongside intriguing cultural performances like the Yakshagana, Katkatha Puppet Theatre to name a few. The event aims to promote a healthy mix of genres and performance styles, both national and international. The idea is to introduce children to a variety of stories with an objective to inspire children to read and for parents & teachers to adopt ‘reading’ as an important learning tool. Attached is the schedule for your reference. Find below the key event highlights.

HOO’s Tales is spread across Bangalore and Chennai from February 20, 2010 till February 27, 2010. In Bangalore, the festival is happening in various places like Bal Haven, Opus, British Council Alliance De Francais and other venues of public interest. In Chennai, the festival is happening in various places like the Russian Cultural Centre, Shivagami Pettachi Auditorium and Nageshwar Rao Park.

This year, Hoo’s Tales brings you an omnibus of storytellers from the UK, Germany, Singapore, and India…  …each spreading the magic of stories through their individual styles with performances, workshops and stories to go for children and adults.

For details visit www.hoostales.in

Hippocampus Children’s Experience Centre
Ph: 044 2435 3544 / 044 4206 7159 / 9444049175
E: bookcouncil@hippocampus.in W: http://www.hoostales.in

Double Bill Performance

Thursday, Feb 25th

The Little Blue Planet by
Katkatha Puppet Theatre &
The Wicked Wisdom of Western
Fairy Tales by Craig Jenkins
@ Smt. Sivagami Pethachiauditorium, Mylapore, Chennai , on Thursday, Feb 25th 2010, 6.30pm to 8pm, Rs 250/-, Rs 150/-

Workshop on puppetry for children

Friday, Feb 26th

with Katkatha Puppet Theatre @ Hippocampus, Nandanam, Chennai
on Friday, Feb 26th, 2010, 5pm to 6.30pm Ages 4 to 6,
Rs 500/- per participant

A Carnival of Stories!

Saturday, Feb 27th

Flying Flower by Katkatha, Tell a tale by Richard Martin & Story Masala by Jeeva Raghunath
@ Russian Cultural Centre, Kasturi Ranga Road, Chennai on Saturday Feb 27th 2010, 10am-12pm
Rs 150/- per ticket

Workshop on storytelling

Saturday, Feb 27th
for teachers/ parents/ actors/storytellers/ students
with Jeeva Raghunath & Craig Jenkins @ Chandralekha’s Spaces, No 1, Elliot’s Beach Road, on Saturday Feb 27th 2010, 10am to 4pm – Rs 1500/- per participant

A small temple in Lalbagh, Bangalore

A temple

A temple

If any body visited Lalbagh in Bangalore, definitely they might have noticed a samll temple on top of a very small hill … First time I visited this place, when I was doing my 6th standard in Schwartz Higher Secondary School … we came to Bangalore for an educational trip .. After that several times I came here as educational, family trips, …. and I was in Bangalore for more than three years … Last time I visited this place after more than 6 years …

What you could see near this temple ..

  1. Groundnut sellers
  2. Mixture / Masal  Chat … seller
  3. Paanipoori seller
  4. A couple of police
  5. School boys and girls
  6. College boys and girls
  7. lovers
  8. tourists
  9. couples
  10. vetti officers …
  11. Balloon sellers

Let kids play. Why?

Alan and a Duck

Alan and a Duck

Still I remember the school days where there will be a few items to play. These days … most of the apartments in cities like Bangalore .. Chennai … at least there will be a small area with sand and some items like duck / horse / … with springs …. so that it could swing the kids … always is good to make kids spend some time in playing ….. Two ducks were available to play … on top it there was a quarrel between my son and my friends daughter … because both of them want the same colored duck .. unfortunately …. that time there were only two ducks but with different colors … it was fun …

After my son played in the mud … he got some allergy in his legs … because no where he find mud to play … in cities like Kualalumpur, Delhi, Gurgaon, Chennai ….  A couple of months back … we went to our village … there he played in mud under a neem tree … but nothing went wrong.


  1. It’s good for their health
  2. They learn different languages while playing with neighbors
  3. Improving his skills
  4. If they play for at least an hour a day … they will have a sound sleep.
  5. They will learn about responsibilities.

I had a heavy dinner at Hotel Fortune, Bangalore

We attended a reception of our friend Neha Jain on 12th December 2009 at Hotel Fortune, Select Trinity, No. 134-136, EPIP Area, Near Graphite India, Opposite SAP Labs, Bangalore, 560066. I was in Bangalore on an official visit. I went there with my brother Sam, and we met Ashok Krish and some of my friends.
We had a nice heavy vegetarian dinner. You are right, before that we handed over our gifts to her … 🙂 Immediately I twitted about it. We left the reception hall after dinner because most of us came there in Volvo a/c buses and we have to travel a long distance.

There also me met a fan of Ashok, he treated us with extra care. He shared his thought and some nice stories. That guys hospitality was … still running in my mind.

A Front view of Garuda Mall, Bangalore

Garuda Mall Bangalore, A shoppig complex, Kranataka

Garuda Mall Bangalore, A shoppig complex, Kranataka

I took this photo last month when I was in Bangalore. On a Sunday evening I went to Garuda Mall, a shopping complext in Bangalore Karnataka.

நண்பர்களே ஞாபகம் இருக்கிறதா?

Hayath hostel, Yashwanpure Bangalore ஹயாத் ஹாஸ்டல் , யஸ்வன்ட்பூர், பெங்களூர்

Hayath hostel, Yashwanpure Bangalore ஹயாத் ஹாஸ்டல் , யஸ்வன்ட்பூர், பெங்களூர்

Good idea to display breakfast / lunch / dinner


good display

In Bangalore ITPL I saw the restaurant people displaying their menu items like the above picture. Its very easy for the visitors from different state … with out asking for the menu from the suppliers … directly they can say the item no and pay the bill to get their food … fantastic idea .. my only worry is, is those sample food will be wasted? … who knows ? 🙂