SMS messages from my friends – part 3

  1. No one is born happy but every one is born with ability to create happiness … So make every one happy by flashing your sweet smile
  2. Amazing fact: Shakespeare doesn’t know the letters J and X. Because these alphabets came 14 years after his death. So you can’t find J and X in his poems.
  3. Life never leaves you empty. it always replaces everything you lost .. if it asks you to put something down … it’s because it wants you to pick up something better.
  4. பணம் வரும் போகும், பதவி வரும் போகும், கவலை வரும் போகும், காதல்கூட வரும் போகும், ஆனா சிங்கத்தோட SMS மட்டும் வரும் வரும் வந்துக்கிடே இருக்கும் ….
  5. An elephant falls in love with ant. But ant’s parents opposed their marriage. they gave a solid reason… ” பையனுக்கு ரெண்டு பல் தூக்கலா இருக்கு” (This boy has two very long teeth) 🙂

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