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This Will Happen Only In India

This Will Happen Only In India

Back to Chennai from Bangalore

Back to Chennai. Almost 20 days of my official trip ended today and I reached our Chennai in Sadapthy express from Bangalore. Due to some maintenance work .. the complete Central station has started diverting all the trains to Egmore.

Last night itself, I cleared my bill with travels quarters, booked the taxi, and packed my luggage. And in the evening we attended our friends reception in Fortune hotels located opposite to SAP labs, Bangalore … we greeted the new pair and had a good dinner. Morning I gave a lift to one of my friend to Bangalore City Junction.

I will be writing on this 20 days Bangalore life … soon …

Two New Express Trains between Sengottai – Coimbatore

1. Sengottai express

  • Tuesday
  • Train number: 0665
  • Coimbatore [CBE] to Sengottai [SCT]

2. Coimbatore Express

  • Wednesday
  • Train number: 0666
  • Sengottai[SCT] to Coimbatore [CBE])

From Next week.

Source Special trains between coimbatore and Sengottai

Train timings and Bus timings from Madurai to Chennai

For the last couple of months I was traveling between Channai and Madurai often. I thought of sharing my experience about our Train and bus timings.

  1. Train No: 2635
    Train Name : Vaigai Express
    Departure Time:  12:25 – Chennai
    Arrival Time: 20.15 – Madurai
    Runs on – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  2. Train No: 2637
    Train Name : Pandian Express
    Departure Time:  21:45 Chennai
    Arrival Time: 06.30 Madurai
    Runs on – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  3. Bus journey will take at least 10 hours from Madurai ti Chennai.

Duronto Express – Chennai to Delhi

Tomorrow morning my uncle is going to travel in the first train “Duronto Express” from Chennai to Delhi. He bought the ticket for rupees 760. Train number 2269. He got transfer from Chennai to Delhi. My uncle said, the food charges will be extra. The train ticket won’t cover you food expenditure.

TrainEat ++ Skill : less baggage more comfort in travel குறைந்த சுமை வசதியான பிரயாணம்

TrainEat++ Skills

TrainEat++ Skills . Only few people are having the habit of cleaning after they had food in train journey.

Last time when i was traveling with my family I noticed  few things . My wife brought the food from her mother’s house for us. My six year old son started eating his dinner.  The food material spilled a bit here and there. Once people started walking, the wasted food started garbing the other passengers footwear and touring to different places in that compartment. I noticed few other family members also traveling with their own home made food. So the same drama happened in all the places.  Spilling of water and food particles every where.

After that the real skilled work starts (TrainEat++).

  1. Washing hands using a small quantity of water
  2. Throwing all the waste out of the running train
  3. Jumping all the luggage and other co passengers leg to reach the rest room area
  4. Jumping all the luggage and other co passengers leg to reach your seat again
  5. Arranging the vessels in place. Smaller vessels will hide inside the bigger vessels.

My personal opinion on make our family happy:

  1. Ask them not to prepare any food
  2. Grab some thing on the way to railway station
  3. You will have a variety of food to enjoy
  4. You will avoid carrying a separate bag for you food items
  5. Less baggage more comfort in travel

If we have a specific unavoidable reasons like traveling with kids or a patients then  bring your own food. I hope its always a good thing for your female members in your family because they willals have a chance to taste a new hotel food and there is no need to worry about cooking, packing, distributing, washing, drying and replacing it to the bags.

less baggage more comfort in travel
குறைந்த சுமை வசதியான பிரயாணம்

Southern Railways Superman, Really Super Fast (Egmore Station Chennai)

Indian railways Employee Skills

Couple of weeks back ,I was waiting for Pandian Express in Egmore Railway Station to go to Madurai. After I had my dinner in the Railway canteen for Rs. 14.00 (two dosas). Self service. Each dosa cast me 7.00 Rs only. But the taste was questionable. Not only our country super fast express travel in super speed.

Our southern railway’s employees also do their work very fast like a flash. Have a look at this video our one of the employee how fast he is sticking the reservation chart to the individual rail coaches.

One of our Southern Railways employee  came there with a box containing gum and the reservation chart papers on the other hand. I was amazed by his action. He has taken one or two seconds to apply gum, another one or two seconds to stick the coach number and finally he took almost two to four seconds to stick the reservation chart.
happy journey!