Avatar movie

Movie wall-E. Movie UP and Movie Avatar

Movie wall-E. Movie UP and Movie Avatar

I was very late to watch the great avatar movie. After I saw the movie Wall-E, I thought that was the bench mark … but after few months I saw the 3D movie Up , again I felt the same … But last week I saw the movie Avatar … What a movie guys ….  now onwards those who are going to make animation movies have a hard benchmark to cross … If you miss something then your movie will become an ordinary animation movie .. now fan’s expectation has gone up … fantastic story. great music and wonderful animations. Totally a master piece by James Cameron. Hats off to the animation industry.

James Cameron’s epic motion picture, Avatar – Captain Vijayakanth

Avatar - Captain Vijayakanth

Avatar - Captain Vijayakanth (James Cameron, epic motion picture, Avatar)

என் தலைவன் கேப்டன் விஜயகாந்த் அவதாரில் நடித்து இருந்தால் (ஒரு சின்ன கற்பனை)