Guava fruit



I am recollecting a 20 years old story. We came to Ramanathapuram,when i was studying 4th standard. My father rented a house near Ramanathapuram travelers bungalow. The house owner (grandpa) was running some business in overseas. He was so kind and always loved to play with small children.
Though he was in overseas,he will come to his native yearly. It was one evening, the sun was about to say bye bye to all of us … grandpa was helping us to collect guava(plug the guava from the tree using a big stick, edge tied with a small stick). One nice Guava fall on the slab. The moment he tried to jump on the slab to collect, he misjudged the distance and fall on the ground. He broke his legs. We felt so sorry for him.

Helping kids is a fine thing. But we shouldn’t forget our eye glass / strength / age group … So kindly avoid, trying such unwanted things.

Le Auroville Resort, Yelagiri 2008 trip with web 2.0 lab friends

If you are planing for a short holiday, then here is a place to visit. Yelagiri.

Where we stayed

A couple weeks ago, we have been to Le Auroville Resort, Yelagiri. We stayed there for two days. we enjoyed a lot.  most of the time we were playing volleyball, Football,  Cricket and throw ball. Ashok krish, flute Hari and Dane played the musical instruments for us. Hariharan sung superb songs for us.
Le Auroville Resort enterance

The Le Auroville Resort has two volleyball courts, and more than  ten double bedrooms to stay. The manager, Mike ( 094865 65200, 094863 35200 ) is a cool guy, he arranged everything in time. The hospitality given by them was wonderful.

Our trip photo are placed in the following url: (Photo gallery)


Family room for 2 starts form 1000/- (One Thousand Only)
24 hrs check in – check out

Family room for 4+ starts from 1800/- (Eighteen hundred only)
24 Hrs check in – check out

Family rooms (2 family cottages) 3000/- (Three thousand only) 24 hrs check in – check out

Dormitories are also available.

Thing to buy:

The only things that seemed to be famous and available in copious amounts were jack fruit, guava and honey. honey people are selling in small bottles starting from 25 rs to 15o rs. Most of the shops are under “sem magaleer mandram”. Near the lack, you will get soft drinks, hot fried fish, fruites …

more detaile visit their official website