My friends came from Delhi, I taught them Firefox and WordPress

Two of my friends (Who are working as missionaries in North India – Gurgaon, Haryana) came from Delhi to see our family. We were so happy to see them because it been  a long time we were just sharing our thoughts over phone. He was looking for some help in internet ….  I taught him about

  • what is a blog, importance of blog and social media (I explained him what is a blog, how to create a blog post, how to save it as draft, how to publish it, how to edit it …)
  • To create a wordpress blog  (how to create more than one blogs using your same account details – user name and password.
  • What is tagging (the number of keyword which could best describe your blog or search terms which appear in  an end users mind)
  • Why to comment on other blog posts (I hope we people are less participants … in area of commenting … do comment on others good blog posts … it ‘s a good practice)
  • What is online footprint (If you google you name “for example – Alfred Devanesan”, in the result page how many results you are getting)
  • How to use internet effectively (If you are depending cyber centers for internet .. then type all your mails in a word file are text file and carry them in a flash drive .. latter you no need to spend long hours in the internet centers .. just copy and past the mail and simple send them)
  • What is youtube (Importance of youtube – I explained him … youtube is not only used by the people for entertainment … we could use you to gain knowledge in so many areas … if you want to learn any language … if you want to cook any new dish … if you want to play piano … everything will be availabe in video format …)
  • Google maps and yahoo maps (In his church site’s contact us page  … I helped him to place road maps …..)
  • Importance of title tags in a HTML page (Most of the search engines will give primary importance to the words placed in between these <Title> …….</title> tags)

The happiest thing is, He is pastor and he is going carry and transform this knowledge (Why to use Firefox …what is the importance of internet …Etc) so many people … especially lot of college students …

My Gurgaon TCS Friends (2006 – 2008)

From Left: Alfred Devanesan Samuel, Aarti Mande, Bhaskar, Rajesh Kumar Singh, Nitin Jain, Sudhanshu
From Left: Alfred Devanesan Samuel, Aarti Mande,

Bhaskar, Rajesh Kumar Singh, Nitin Jain, Sudhanshu

After I resigned my Malaysian job I joined in TCS as an Usability Expert. First few months I was working as a Business Consultant for them (Future Focus India Ltd, Chennai). After Nitin Jain(team leader) got satisfied with my work he referred the HR team to make me as a TCS permanent employee.

That time we had a Project Manager named Puish. He was a hyperactive person and I learned TCS specific processes from him. He was a good mentor to me.

Bhanu Prakash Batta and Alfred Devanesan Samuel
Bhanu Prakash Batta and Alfred Devanesan


Bhanuprakash batta was our testing lead. Arati was working as a tester with us. Shuthanshu, Bhashkar and Rajesh Kumar were developers. Now Rajesh is in oversease with his family. He has two angels (Two baby girls). Once in a while we had lunch in my house(family get-together) because they love south Indian meals.

Bhanuprakash Batta is from Andra Pradesh, Aarti Mande is from Delhi, Nitin Jain is from Delhi, Suthansu is from Hariyana, Rajesh Kumar Singh is from Uthar Pradesh, Rahul from Madhya Pradesh Myself (Alfred Devanesan Samuel – Ramanathapuram- ராமநாதபுரம்) from

Tamilnadu. Unity in Diversity 🙂

The National Missionary Society Of India – part 2

Mission Field Profile

Countries:     1. India       2. Nepal   3. Bhutan

17 States in India

Tamilnadu, Jammu Kashmir, Punjab, Kerala, Haryana,Delhi,SikkimUttar Pradesh,West Bengal,Rajasthan,Jharkand, Madhyapradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Pondicherry.

NMSI Family

160 full time Missionaries, 120 Bible Women and 110 other workers

Christukula Ashram, Tirupathur

Founded by
Dr. Savarirayan Jesudasan – Periya Annan
Dr. Ernest Forrester Paton – Chinna Annan
and the NMSI

It Functions as a Retreat and Training centre. The ashhram hospital with specialisation in Eye and child care caters to the need of the surrounding villages.

Social upliftment Project

NMSI hostels in Tamilnadu
1. Jamna marathur – for tribal girls
2. Pudur Nadu – for tribal girls
3. Thirupattur – for tribal boys

NMSI hostels in Andra Pradesh
1. Veeranamalai – for traibal girls

NMSI hostels in Karnataka
1. Bijapur – for Lambadi tribal girls

NMSI hostels in Jharkhand
1. Mosabani – for Santal tribal girls

Tailoring unit
1. Thannimatti Patti, Kolli Hills
2. Baratagi Thanda, Bijapur

Future Plans
1. New Missionaries per annum 30 persons
2. New Bible Women per annum 30 persons
3. New Promotional co-ordinators per annum 25 persons
4. New Donors per annum 5000 persons
5. New Tribal children Hostel Building
6. Improvement of Christukula Ashram Hospital with Special attention to Eye Department.
7. New home for the Aged and amenities.


The National Missionary Society of India,
126, Peters Road, Royapettah,
Chennai – 600014. Tamilnadu, India.

Phone +91 – 44 – 28418614
Phone +91 – 44 – 28583804