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Up Movie – 3D Animation

Up - Annimation 3D movie - Sathiyam theater, Chennai

Up - Animation 3D movie - Sathiyam theater, Chennai

From the creators of Toy Story, Finding the Nemo, Cars ….etc,. .. Walt Disney Pictures … Pixar Animation Studios …. The movie “UP

Last night we watched the UP movie (3D) in Sathiyam theater, Chennai. I an my wife and my son Alan went to see the movie along with my teammates. We planned to go to this movie a week before. Karteek is our key key for this task was achieved successfully.

Unfortunately after the movie we were not able to go for a dinner with our friends because of the timings and the guests in our home. This was the third time my wife is watching a movie in a theater. Its very rare for those who work in IT to come to a sample place at a specific time. Some or rather one guy will get a official / unofficial job most of the times.

Up Movie Characters: Carl Fredricksen (The 78 year old man), Charles Muntz, Russell, Dug / Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Construction Foreman Tom, Police Officer Edith, Construction Worker Steve, Nurse George, Nurse AJ and Omega.

Up Movie Characters

Up Movie Characters

Definitely we have to watch this movie in theater once. We booked the ticket online and it costs us 120 rupees per head, on top of it at the theater we have to pay 20 rupees as rent for the 3D glasses. We have to return the glasses after you watched the movie.

the bird kevin - up movie

the bird kevin - up movie

In all those character’s I liked the bird Kevin very much. In a particular seance the bird plays with Russell (The small Boy Character). And at the end of the movie the Baby Kevin’s do some naughty things exactly as Kevin.

If you would like to watch the “UP Official Movie Trailer

Only disadvantage in Sathiyam theaters is the security guards checked our bag and asked us to keep our snacks out of the theater rooms. It sound a bit odd. we are paying 120 rupees and + 20 rupees to watch a movie. The problem with the kids is if they have some choices in their mind,  I mean a favorite snacks the if it is not available inside the theater , its a bit of difficult thing to handle them … some how Alan settled with popcorn.

When we came back we forgot to collect our snack packet back ): .