A lorry and Sugarcane



Last week end I took this photo in front of the More dot super market, near Paathalavinayagar Temple, Puzhuthivakkam. I and my son Alan went to buy some vegetables …. that time we saw this lorry .. full of sugarcane. My son was so excited about the sugarcane … While returning to our home we bought 2 full sugarcane for rs. 40 …. that day I and Alan completes a full sugarcane …. It spoiled our mouth … especially out tongue … that afternoon we were not able to eat properly ….

One important thing to be noticed while eating sugarcane … we have to avoid drinking water for at least 20 to 30 minutes … otherwise our tongue will get irritation and some times boils as well …

A Front view of Garuda Mall, Bangalore

Garuda Mall Bangalore, A shoppig complex, Kranataka

Garuda Mall Bangalore, A shoppig complex, Kranataka

I took this photo last month when I was in Bangalore. On a Sunday evening I went to Garuda Mall, a shopping complext in Bangalore Karnataka.

மதுரை குசும்பு – “சீப்பை எடுக்கவும்”

மதுரை குசும்பு - "சீப்பை எடுக்கவும்"

மதுரை குசும்பு - "சீப்பை எடுக்கவும்"

பர்னிச்சர் விற்கும் கடையில் மேக்கப் டேபிள் அருகில் ஒட்டப் பட்டிருந்த வாசகம் “சீப்பை எடுக்கவும்” Made in Madurai – Thirunagar

Buying a silk saree in festival season

Today we went to Chennai Silks, T Nagar, Chennai  to buy a silk saree fro my  wife. Due to the festival season the shop was completely decorated with bells and dolls …. every where lots and lots of xmas and new year greetings from Chennai Silks to it’s customers. The moment we entered in to the shop, there was asanta toys wishing you. My son go excited to see that. Some small kids were  trying to pull the bag from Santa  …that’s why they specifically placed an sales man to protect Santa from naughty kids.

In front of the gate itself there were three to four guys standing to help us. They will askyou what kind of products you are looking for and then they will guide you to the respective floors. We went to the kids section and bought some dresses for sisters. Then we moved to silk Saree section.

There we saw a doll with a dress worth of 20,000 INR. I hope that dress was too heavy to wear. The Sarees were ranging from 2000 rupees to … almost o1,00,000 rupees. Every where we were able to see the dady’s were trying to entertain their kids and all the mums or sisters …. busy in selecting the Saree .. I mean making the sales man tiered before they choose a Saree or vacate the place without buying any thing.

First we went to the 2000 rs silk Sarees section. There were full of female sales women. Some of them are polite and some of them were talkative. My wife picked the wrong girl … I saw she was murmuring about the customer who were asking her to show again and again to select the best Sarees. My wife completed a full stretch. we decided to move to the next section ranging from 3000 rs to 6000 rupees.

One lady was asking a saleswoman, “I am looking for a particular green color silk Saree (Pointing a lady already selected a green Saree and was standing in the queue to pay the bill), do you have another one like that ….  another aunty handed over a Saree to a salesman and said “Young man, It took an hour to decide this Saree. Keep it in a safe place. I will go to the other floors and finish my purchase. After that I will pay for all the things I have selected”

The 3000 to 6000 range and above ranges where completely covered with salesmen. They have the patients to open and show each and every Saree , make some flits, and asking the customer to check in the mirror, …. I hardly notice a salesman missing a sale. At least one Saree they where able to sell.

Finally my wife bought a kanjipuram silk Saree. I was so happy that the bill was less than 5000 rs.

Happy X-mas and a very happy new year my dear friends. 🙂

Unexpected snacks for cows

More. foy you at Madippakkam, Chennai. Three cows had an unexpected snacks.

More. foy you at Madippakkam, Chennai. Three cows had an unexpected snacks.

Last evening I was waiting near “Paathala Vinayagar Temple”, Madipakkam to receive my son from school. A man came out of the More dot for you – super market and placed a packed grapes box and a carry bag full of at least 10 kg rice. I was noticing it, and wondering if that bag has vegetables means … definitely there will be a problem … because that complete madipakkam keelkattalai stretch is full of cows. My son’s school van came ..I crossed the road and helped him to get down … it took less then 15 seconds …God only knows from which side these cows came in to picture …. they were having an unexpected rice … snacks … I informed the gatekeeper of that store … he came there with the man who bought that rice .. they struggled a lot to save some rice from those cow .. there were managed to save 25% of the rice …

Note: Don’t leave anything in St.Thamos Mount – Keelkattalai bus route. Beware of cows.