BIRD FEEDER – Great Grandma in New York City

Great Grandma - 14 street, New York

Great Grandma - 14 street, New York

10 ways to avoid irritating calls

1. After the telemarketer finishes speaking, ask him/her to marry you.

2. Tell the telemarketer you are busy at the moment, and ask him/her if he/she will give you his/her home phone number so you can call him/her back.

3. Ask them to repeat everything they say, several times.

4. Tell them it is dinner time, BUT ask if they would please hold. Put them on your speaker phone while you continue to eat at your leisure. Smack your food loudly and continue with your dinner conversation.

5. Tell them that all business goes through your agent, and hand the phone to your five year old child.

6. Tell them you are hard of hearing and that they need to speak up…louder…louder…louder!

7. Tell them to speak very slowly because you want to write every word down.

8. If they start out with, “How are you today?” say “I’m so glad you asked, because no one these days seems to care, and I have all these problems…………”

9. Cry out in surprise, “Helen, is that you? I’ve been hoping you’d call! How is the family?” When they insist they are not Helen, tell them to stop joking. This works especially well if the telemarketer is really MALE.

10. Tell the xxxx call center guy to call on your office number and give him the yyyy call center number.

I got this as an forwarded mail.

Interesting ad (Poster) about Actor Murali

Tamil Movie Actor Murali

Tamil Movie Actor Murali

Mile Sur Mera Tomorrow? Fail

I just read Mile Sur Mera Tomorrow? Fail post by by Ashok Krish. Even I felt very bad about missing Scientists, Good Players ,, read this wonder full thoughts of Ashok Krish in his blog ..

It gave a complete idea about my visitors behavior

Last year I posted a presentation regarding “How To Check The Indian Passport Status?” … and today I got a complete report (statistical data). It gave a complete idea about my visitors behavior.

Slideshare Annual Report

Slideshare Annual Report

I wonder how many people are already straggling to check the Indian Passport Status in Online.  In the past 7 months 27,000 people already visited my presentation to clarify their doubts about how to check the status. I wrote a blog in wordpress as  well. There also a minimum of 10 to 20 visitors per day.  Indian Passport authorities has to take necessary actions to upgrade their site.