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Alfred Devanesan Samuel @ Chennai Open

Alfred Devanesan Samuel @ Chennai Open

Mud House

mud house

mud house

I took this photo last year in my friend’s apartment, Bangalore. I remember my childhood days in Pallikonda( near Vellor) and Ramanathapuram. In Pallikonda we used to play as team, we build a small wall kind of stuff with mud and we used to call that as our play house. We will make sure that each one of us will get at least one room each. Those who had toys, they came with their toys to play. I was our ritual. Some of our friends will collect some stones, leafs, and God ……

Most of the time girls used to play cooking game … but all the time boys used to have fun in destroying their mud house … In my friends apartment, the management kept some mud in a small area … so that the apartment kids will play there … we always let our son to play in mud whenever he likes because … the house where I am staying right now has no mud.  When ever we are traveling to our native place or our great Marina Beach, Chennai (Madras) my son will play at least a couple hours in the mud …  My father used to advise me … at least once in a while kids has to play in mud then one they will get some disease and immune power as well …

Avatar movie

Movie wall-E. Movie UP and Movie Avatar

Movie wall-E. Movie UP and Movie Avatar

I was very late to watch the great avatar movie. After I saw the movie Wall-E, I thought that was the bench mark … but after few months I saw the 3D movie Up , again I felt the same … But last week I saw the movie Avatar … What a movie guys ….  now onwards those who are going to make animation movies have a hard benchmark to cross … If you miss something then your movie will become an ordinary animation movie .. now fan’s expectation has gone up … fantastic story. great music and wonderful animations. Totally a master piece by James Cameron. Hats off to the animation industry.

The world famous web 2.0 labs Jallikattu

Wish you a very happy Pongal - from Bala and Alfee

Wish you all a very Happy Pongal - from Bala and Alfee

SBI vs VIP – Superb Phone Comedy


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32nd Chennai book fair 2010

I and my son Alan Jeffsan went to Chennai book fair 2010. We started our journey from Puzhuthivakkam house to St. Thomas Mount Railway station by hero Honda splendor bike, from there to nungampakkam Railway station by electric train and then from there to St.George Anglo Indian School,(opp to Pachayappan college) by auto for Rs. 30.00 only. While coming back we gave Rs 40.00, Latter I realized the auto driver cheated us (After we reached nungampakkam Railway station). He stopped the vehicle some where, and from there we walked a bit to reach the station.

Entrance fee for me Rs 5.00, for my son its free.

But I really enjoyed the verities of book that were showcased. Alan bought a coupe of books like

  1. Art tutorial books (Volume I to V)
  2. Ben 10 coloring book
  3. Ben 10 Scratch Magic (The book was with blank  papers, you have to scratch the pencil in the paper to get the hidden image – any one of the famous ben10 characters )
  4. Mathematics for school kids
  5. Basic Interactive learning DVD (Maths for kids)
  6. Chemistry table – Periodic Table of Elements and Chemistry
  7. Chess book
  8. Moral story books

People were selling mineral water filled tumblers, bottles and some beverage (we never heard about the brand ). There were so many books for sales from different authors, publishers, states ….. books were displayed for sales to cover all age groups. Different shaped book for activities was the best one, which attracted so many kids.

The booksellers and publishers association of South India have arranged this event. Thanks to all those who worked hard to achieve this book fair  a mega success .. 🙂

Swimming just Rs. 20 per hour in Madurai

Madurai – swimming pool

Sports building in race course road

For the new year holidays we went to Madurai. There my uncle collected the information about the swimming tariff in Madurai sports complex. 10 days training will cost you rs 500.00 only. Alan my son was so excited about this trip due to the swimming classes. Before leaving from Chennai itself he started telling all his friends about his swimming classes.  He was able to attend only for seven days due to some family functions. Now he was not afraid of water at least. Coming summer holidays definitely I will put him in a complete 2 months package.
Membership tariff
monthly Rs. 500
Quaterly Rs. 1000
Halfyearly Rs. 2000
Yearly Rs. 3000

Daily users for one hour Rs.20
Swimming Timings
members/sdat trainees: 6.00 am to 8.00 am
4.00 pm to 7:30 pm

Daily users/public:
8:30 am to 9:30 am
9:45 am to 10:45 am
2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
3:15 pm to 4:15 pm

Girls / women
11:00 am to 12.00 noon
Monday Holyday

swimming rules, Madurai sport complex

swimming rules, Madurai sport complex


  1. Do not bring valuable things to the swimming pool
  2. Do not bring your cell phones
  3. Management is not responsible for any loss
  4. You must wear a swimming dress
  5. Women must wear a cap