A small temple in Lalbagh, Bangalore

A temple

A temple

If any body visited Lalbagh in Bangalore, definitely they might have noticed a samll temple on top of a very small hill … First time I visited this place, when I was doing my 6th standard in Schwartz Higher Secondary School … we came to Bangalore for an educational trip .. After that several times I came here as educational, family trips, …. and I was in Bangalore for more than three years … Last time I visited this place after more than 6 years …

What you could see near this temple ..

  1. Groundnut sellers
  2. Mixture / Masal  Chat … seller
  3. Paanipoori seller
  4. A couple of police
  5. School boys and girls
  6. College boys and girls
  7. lovers
  8. tourists
  9. couples
  10. vetti officers …
  11. Balloon sellers

2 Responses

  1. Hi,
    This is not a temple but one of the 4 towers build by Kempe Gowda to define the City limits of the then created Bangalore.
    As per one of the Tourist Books I read about Bangalore, Kempe Gowda fell in love with this place and decided to build Bangalore city post permissions from his King.
    Later he made to plough bulls in 4 different directions till they dropped down.
    At the place where the bulls dropped, he setup these Towers( Kempe Gowda Towers).

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