Let kids play. Why?

Alan and a Duck

Alan and a Duck

Still I remember the school days where there will be a few items to play. These days … most of the apartments in cities like Bangalore .. Chennai … at least there will be a small area with sand and some items like duck / horse / … with springs …. so that it could swing the kids … always is good to make kids spend some time in playing ….. Two ducks were available to play … on top it there was a quarrel between my son and my friends daughter … because both of them want the same colored duck .. unfortunately …. that time there were only two ducks but with different colors … it was fun …

After my son played in the mud … he got some allergy in his legs … because no where he find mud to play … in cities like Kualalumpur, Delhi, Gurgaon, Chennai ….  A couple of months back … we went to our village … there he played in mud under a neem tree … but nothing went wrong.


  1. It’s good for their health
  2. They learn different languages while playing with neighbors
  3. Improving his skills
  4. If they play for at least an hour a day … they will have a sound sleep.
  5. They will learn about responsibilities.

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