Guava fruit



I am recollecting a 20 years old story. We came to Ramanathapuram,when i was studying 4th standard. My father rented a house near Ramanathapuram travelers bungalow. The house owner (grandpa) was running some business in overseas. He was so kind and always loved to play with small children.
Though he was in overseas,he will come to his native yearly. It was one evening, the sun was about to say bye bye to all of us … grandpa was helping us to collect guava(plug the guava from the tree using a big stick, edge tied with a small stick). One nice Guava fall on the slab. The moment he tried to jump on the slab to collect, he misjudged the distance and fall on the ground. He broke his legs. We felt so sorry for him.

Helping kids is a fine thing. But we shouldn’t forget our eye glass / strength / age group … So kindly avoid, trying such unwanted things.

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