Bible Reading vs Eating a complete Elephant

Did you know any one who ate a complete elephant?

Last night we attended a small prayer meeting in one of our church members house. Asusual it started with some songs. We reached there. One of the brother who came there lead the prayer meeting.  After a small intro he handed over the responsibility of giving a short message to a young guy.

He started his message with a question. Did you know any one who ate a complete elephant? … most of us said no … few of our friends asked few interesting questions like

  1. Do we eat it completely?
  2. Are you sure it an Elephant?
  3. Shall we store the meat and eat it slowly?
  4. How big is the elephant?

He continued his speech … “I compared a complete elephant meat / flesh with Bible … because … most of  you guys thought .. the size of the elephant … and started saying no …  It is the same old story when we decided to read the complete Bible (with a complete understanding of the in depth knowledge) in a year , the task will look like a huge mountain … but if you trying to spend some good time in reading the Bible for a week , then it will become a habit and … we will be able to complete the full Bible within a year ..

One Response

  1. i’ve always wanted to read the bible… for that matter I wanted to read a lot of those holy books out there just to understand the concept of god… and the task still remains like the one mentioned by brother here.. 🙂

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