Mud House

mud house

mud house

I took this photo last year in my friend’s apartment, Bangalore. I remember my childhood days in Pallikonda( near Vellor) and Ramanathapuram. In Pallikonda we used to play as team, we build a small wall kind of stuff with mud and we used to call that as our play house. We will make sure that each one of us will get at least one room each. Those who had toys, they came with their toys to play. I was our ritual. Some of our friends will collect some stones, leafs, and God ……

Most of the time girls used to play cooking game … but all the time boys used to have fun in destroying their mud house … In my friends apartment, the management kept some mud in a small area … so that the apartment kids will play there … we always let our son to play in mud whenever he likes because … the house where I am staying right now has no mud.  When ever we are traveling to our native place or our great Marina Beach, Chennai (Madras) my son will play at least a couple hours in the mud …  My father used to advise me … at least once in a while kids has to play in mud then one they will get some disease and immune power as well …

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