How to find a nice rice

keelkattalai rice shop, Chennai

Alan is asking the shopkeeper to give him one pack of rice, so that he will place that in the digital weighing machine and check its wight. It's his favorite thing ... what ever you saw in the table .. those sample rice containers / rice packs / sample packs .. he will try weigh one by one ... keelkattalai rice shop, Chennai. And this grandpa is his good friend too ...

South Indian women are very particular in buying a rice …. The problems I faced in past, … after boiled the rise .. they(mum/wife/aunts/sister)  might be piling n number of complaints …

complaints are like

  • The smell is not good
  • The color is not good
  • Taking long time to cook
  • The quality is not good
  • The taste is not good
  • The look is not good ..I mean the brightness

After all these struggle, I learned a lesson …

If you are planing to buy rice as a pack its better to

  • Buy 1 kg / half a kg rice first
  • Cook it and taste it
  • Ask your family members opinion (Especially your wife)
  • Get their approval
  • Go to the same shop on the same day itself
  • Ask the shopkeeper to give you the rice from the same bag
  • store it in a proper container

I faced the problem of buying rice, especially idly rice …. so many times … and found this way …. to escape from scoldings … or murmurs .. 🙂

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