My friend Lakshmi Narayanan’s Birthday Party


Lakshmi Narayanan Birthday Party

Who is this Lakshmi Narayanan? He is my friend, mentor and role-model for all of us. We celebrated his __ birthday in Kluang, Malaysia 2004. Everybody was trying to feed him. He never leave any technology. One has to learn from him …. After marriage how he is able to do the wonderful things in IT industry ..

  1. He manages his time to spend with family
  2. He helps his wife in cooking and taking care of their 5 year old daughter
  3. He never forget the past
  4. Easily mingle with people
  5. He never forget to keep in touch with friends
  6. He always answers all the technical question asked towards him
  7. He look so young than his original age
  8. Brisk and hyperactive in work
  9. We all love him when he is in tensed mood because … he use some peculiar slang words or sentences “Pakkigalaa, Vaila allippoda  …..” | பக்கிகளா, வாயில அள்ளிப்போட
  10. Great man …

One Response

  1. Ennaa boss ithu… buts mind blowing!

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