Save trees

Shool Project - A banana tree

School Project - A banana tree

Today we attended the project day function in my son’s school. Due to rain there were very few parents came there to see their kids project work. I took this photo today in St. Britto’s Academy, Velachery, Chennai.

Hats off to the boy/girl who created this wonderful piece of “Banana Tree”. I was attracted by the fact written on the banana tree.

If all our news papers were recycled we could save about 250,000,000 trees each year.

snoopy our little dog

Snoopy II - Alan's Little Friend

Snoopy II - Alan's Little Friend

When I met Kasiram uncle in Bangalore, that is where I met snoopy (a little pomeranian dog). Snoopy died at the age of 12. So again they bought a pomeranian dog and named it also as Snoopy. Now Snoopy is a very good of Alan