MagicPot – the best book for nursery and primary school children

magicpot Activity Book for nursery / primary school kids

magicpot Activity Book for nursery / primary school kids

I subscribed for the book called MagicPot from M.M. Publications Ltd, Kottayam – 686001, Kerala, India. The important feature of this book is, Kids will automatically do solve some problems without geting help from adults. This book is suitable for all age groups from 3 to 8  i believe. This is my persona opinion.

When we bought the book first time my son was too young to read this book. But he was able to relate the illustrations and he himself able to find what would be the question asked,  and what would be the solution.

One of my office friend came to our house and that time the postman delivered this book to Alan. He opened it and randomly started answering the questions, Solving probles, finding out the difference, coloring, puzzles … She asked my wife “Did Alan knows how to read?” ,,,, my wife said “No”.

She was totally surprised and he promised us that she also subscribe Magicpot book for her sister’s kid and definitely she is going to recommend Magicpot  for other in future.

Once you should try this book … so that you know … how much worth of knowledge is available at the market for just rs. 15.00. Alan first strated liking this book because of the free gift. Then at a certain period he started liking the activities … then now .. he is trying to drawing the characters printed in that book.

His favorite stories were “Luttappi” and “Chotu and Motu”. Luttappi is a naughty little demon. Mayavi is a good demon. Chotu is a good boy and obeys his father and mother. Motu is a very naughty boy and does not obey anyone.

Encourage your kids to attend any one of the several contest listed in this book and win prices. Some of them are story writing contest and coloring contest.

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  1. I wish to subscribe for magic pot. kindly advice

  2. Magic pot is very smart

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