Aeroplane Dosa – To attract kids

If you have problem in feeding your kids just try this out. It  may help you for a couple of days.  After seeing this dosa people may come out with their own shapes to attract the kids. Lets image, my son (Alan Jeffsan – 6 years old) have only one dosa for the breakfast means, my wife tried making dosas  in different shapes. Now he is having at least three. The formula is, you just ask them what shape of dosa they want, and you try to make that shape. There is no need for you to be an expert to make these kinds of dosa.  kids won’t expect the exact shape … they are looking for … You could always have excuses like … the flour is not good … the flame is not enough in the gas-stove … Instead of eating the same old round shaped (Folded means semicircle shaped) dosa for more the number of times .. you can make them small small circles , small small ovals , squares or rectangle or triangular shaped dosas .Try some different shaped dosa. Definitely kids will have great fun.

Aeroplane Dosa - South Indian Dosa Special

Aeroplane Dosa - South Indian Dosa Special

Still I remember,during my school days, mummy used to give us  dosa call “Mini Set Dosa”. Small Small dosas, rosted in Ghee … and placed one upon another.. while serving …. Try this out………………

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