My friends came from Delhi, I taught them Firefox and WordPress

Two of my friends (Who are working as missionaries in North India – Gurgaon, Haryana) came from Delhi to see our family. We were so happy to see them because it been  a long time we were just sharing our thoughts over phone. He was looking for some help in internet ….  I taught him about

  • what is a blog, importance of blog and social media (I explained him what is a blog, how to create a blog post, how to save it as draft, how to publish it, how to edit it …)
  • To create a wordpress blog  (how to create more than one blogs using your same account details – user name and password.
  • What is tagging (the number of keyword which could best describe your blog or search terms which appear in  an end users mind)
  • Why to comment on other blog posts (I hope we people are less participants … in area of commenting … do comment on others good blog posts … it ‘s a good practice)
  • What is online footprint (If you google you name “for example – Alfred Devanesan”, in the result page how many results you are getting)
  • How to use internet effectively (If you are depending cyber centers for internet .. then type all your mails in a word file are text file and carry them in a flash drive .. latter you no need to spend long hours in the internet centers .. just copy and past the mail and simple send them)
  • What is youtube (Importance of youtube – I explained him … youtube is not only used by the people for entertainment … we could use you to gain knowledge in so many areas … if you want to learn any language … if you want to cook any new dish … if you want to play piano … everything will be availabe in video format …)
  • Google maps and yahoo maps (In his church site’s contact us page  … I helped him to place road maps …..)
  • Importance of title tags in a HTML page (Most of the search engines will give primary importance to the words placed in between these <Title> …….</title> tags)

The happiest thing is, He is pastor and he is going carry and transform this knowledge (Why to use Firefox …what is the importance of internet …Etc) so many people … especially lot of college students …

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