FastestFox – Browse Faster 3.0.0

I am using a Firefox add-on called “FastestFox“. Now I am able to browse faster. Get faster, parallelized downloads, auto-loading of next page, improved searching, and more.  I love the auto-loading of next page function. It give you the page break and maintain the same look and feel.

FastestFox FireFox Addon

FastestFox FireFox Addon

FastestFox Firefox Addon

FastestFox Firefox Addon

The above screen-shot was taken when I was searching for a keyword “Android” in The moment I reached the bottom of the first page (search result page) … automatically FastestFox gave me an alert message as “Loading next page” … After the next page got loaded now I am able to scroll up up and down … browse between pages … in a single page it itself.

And each and every page has a clear page break … with a black strip ….”page 1″ .. “page 2” .. text on that in white color.

FastestFox will dramatically enhanced my productivity! Try this one .. my dear folks …

Its really cool guys ..

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