Ben10 watch

We bought a “Ben10” watch for Alan. He was so excited about it. The moment we reach the house he started to play that toy. It has four 2 rupee coin like plastic coins. Each one has a different name, Which refers to the characters in the Cartoon Series “Ben10”. Ben 10 is an American animated series created by “Man of Action” and produced by Cartoon Network Studios.

Ben10, Animated series

Ben10, Animated series

In the box itself it has mentioned as Maximum retailed praise was Rs. 10.00 but the toy shop owner was selling it fro Rs. 48.00. This rate differs from shop to shop. In T. Nagar Area its rate differes from 20 to 35 rupees at the max. It was a China product. “Made in China”.

The only thing we have to worry about is, these toys are made up of recycled waste materials. So always advise the kids not to keep the on the mouth. You might have read lots and lots of stories about China’s toys.

  1. Ben Tennyson
  2. Gwen Tennyson
  3. Max
  4. Fourarms
  5. Cannonbolt
  6. Diamondhead
  7. Ghostfreak
  8. Greymatter
  9. Heatblast
  10. Ripjaws

Kids wearing this watch and rotating their hand and saying some dialogs from that cartoon series is fun to watch. But there should be a limit on watching tv or cartoon dvds.

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