Animations in my marriage cd …

my marriage photo

my marriage photo

My wife’s brother Andrew and his friends .. contributed their wonderful ideas of rotating my photo and my wife’s photo more than 1000 times in the marriage cd …  My photo might have traveled all over the world starting from India (Taj Mahar, Agra), France, Sri lanka, Australia …. Photos will come from objects like Television, Camera, Mobile Phone, Printer, Computer, Mountain, River, Sea ….. After seven years of marriage life … now as a family we sit together and watch this marriage cds on my Anniversary or once in a while. I and my son call this cd as “Joke CD”.  The video coverage studio was in Madurai.

All the animations done in that cd was a amazing thing for all of our family members. The only thing I was not able to forget was … my brother in law included some latest Tamil movie songs in the marriage cd … he got scoldings from the elderly persons from our family … and they blamed him that he spoiled the christian marriage process …. Then again he went to the video studio to remove the movie songs and then he  placed christian songs. We could hear the same set of songs in most of our marriage videos.

In those days our marriage function, reception in Madurai and the reception in Ramanthapuram … took 4 complete cds to record.  Nowadays its pretty simple that all the three function could have been be stored in a single dvd.

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