shh… you should follow this rule during jungle safari

We visited Mudumalai National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary (now called as Mudumalai Tiger Reserve) located on the northwest side of the Nilgiri Hills (Blue Mountains), in Nilgiri District. It is about 80 km north-west to Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Half of the area comes under Karnataka and remaining comes under Kerala state in South India.

Last Sunday, after we completed our scheduled places, we rushed to Mudumalai National Park. It was almost 4:55 pm. So we tried our level best to get a chance for an Elephant Safari. Unfortunately we didn’t get the tickets.

If you guys are planing for an Elephant Safari, make sure that you should be there in the morning.

Why because,  3 or 4 Elephants are used for Elephant Safari. One of the officer suggested us to come on the next day morning.

Next day also we didn’t got the Elephant Safari. So we all booked the Van Safari. It was  Rs. 15.00 per head. Two noticeable experience from the Van Safari.

  1. One super mega size family from our neighborhood  state came with us. The driver was shouting the ticket (seat) numbers, half of the people went to the rest room and the remaining went to the petty shop to buy the eatables. At the same time all those who got into the bus got annoyed. Finally the gang came and occupied the last seats of the van. First thing we saw Wild Deers. That family’s  mum and her daughter were too excited and shouted in their language …. Every body in that bus turned and have a look at them, …  in the next stop also they repeated the same …  when they saw a family of wild elephants they started shouting … immediately a co-passenger gave them a nice scolding … most of us understood the English part … He said “The first rule is you should never ever talk during jungle safari” …Lessons learned: “Never talk while travelling inside a forest – don’t make noise”
  2. While we were on half of the way in jungle van safari, suddenly the driver stopped the vehicle and asked his assistant to get down … we were wondering what the hell happened with these guys .. even though the assistant was a small boy …he went down and came with a plastic bottle … he did it for  few more times …after we reached our starting point he threw them in the dust bin. Lessons Learned: Don’t litter the forest.

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