The writing on the wall …

Chennai - Thambaram to Beach Electric Train - X poet written this

Chennai - Thambaram to Beach Electric Train - X poet written this

I saw this wonderful piece of creative writing on a Chennai Electric Train.

  1. S – Sudha
  2. K – Kavitha
  3. I – Irfana
  4. N – Nalini
  5. G – Geetha
  6. A – Aarthi & Aswini
  7. R – Renuka

We could have seen these kind of x poets The writing on the wall …
I am sharing some of experience ….

  1. Most of our Children: Most of the children love to write on walls … how much ever we try to keep the wall clean .. they will doodle on it …
  2. Elementary School, Pallikonda:  One our classmate wrote something on a wall .. with his pencil and he got the punishment.
  3. Higher Secondary School, Ramanathapuram: Some of my classmates got the punishment when they wrote some thing on the bench, walls and on table. Once our Physical Education Director … gave punishment to those who wrote something on the tree’s with nails.
  4. Athirapalli falls: When we went there as a educational trip, I saw some one who wrote his name and his girl friends name … I wonder how he was manage to go to that peak rock and wrote their name over there ..
  5. Government Buses and trains: Most of the government buses we could see these kind of writings … If you never noticed till date, kindly have close look and the seat’s backside … in front of you …definitely there will some names or poems or movie star names or bad words … some drawings ..

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