Paying School Fee …

This time for my son’s second term school (St. Britto’s Academy, Velachery, Chennai) bill, I asked my uncle to pay. The unfortunate thing was my wife gave a UKG identity card for the reference to my uncle. He gave the card and the amount. The accountant maid a bill for the UKG students, I mean Rs. 900.00 less than the original version because now my son is studying in 1st Standard. Last Saturday I found the mismatch in the bill and I called the school and informed them what was happened.  Today I went there to pay the bill. I waited for sometime, because the accountant has to come. Once they came they gave me a bill for the remaining amount rs. 900.00 and I paid the fee.

Lessons learned from this event (Especially when we are sending elderly or our friends to pay the fee for our children we have tell / guide them in a proper way)

  • In a piece of paper we have to write the student name, standard, section, term number, the amount clearly
  • Give them the exact amount in a cover
  • Give them some surplus  money to handle unexpected expenditure
  • Explain the few procedures and timings about the school
  • Explain them whom they have to meet
  • Once they paid the amount what they have to do (Clarify and keep the bill safely)
  • The most important thing is if we as parent directly go to pay the fee definitely it would avoid such wanted confusions 🙂

3 Responses

  1. i agree with the last point… parents only have to go and pay… 🙂

  2. Hi buddy,
    why do you run around. Just click on and pay on line.That is it. Ha….Ha….

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