Guiding people to get a job…

Guiding people to get a job – It’s a duty of every Indian – my dad

Today I met a guy who has passed his B.E. with few cups remaining. After I had a long discussion with him still I am not able to understand his current situation and family background. After I had a good discussion with him, I tried to help him in getting a job by just asking few questions about his education. He mentioned me a few areas where is having problems. Its very bad that somebody guided him that if we use … we won’t be a good in behavior and there are lots of area were could use internet for the bad things.

I tried to explain him … few basic points how and all we could use the inter in the positive way. Now its a challenge for me to educate him to use the net. As an engineer definitely he has to use internet get a job. On top of it he has completed a .net with C#, and a software testing course. So started from the scratch. Day 1. I asked his email id he said … some thing like that. As a first step I asked him to keep a small id like … Its very easy for those who have to contact you … especially HR people ..

Then I took a class on in how many different way our “Google” text box will work and brings us the results …. And I asked him to have a look at how social networking is happening is happening … So I suggested him to get a BSNL broadband connection .. because he could get the students benefits … One more problem I found was parents has to talk to their kids … at least after they completed their regular college courses.

Some people will hesitant to ask for money or any other form of help because they already started thinking that they are a burden to their family. No father or mother was like that ….

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