Annual Day Celebrations in St. James Church Ullagaram

Annual Day Celebrations in St. James Church Ullagaram 2009.
Today is a special day for me. Its my 7th anniversary. Morning we got call from my uncle and aunty in the early morning itself. After they gave us the blessings over phone, we were busy in preparing the Bible Quiz. Around 8:30 we left the house after a quick tea.

When we reached the Church, our pastor already started preaching. Today he gave a very nice message about coming late to the church. The way he run the today’s worship was completely different from the past Sunday services. He was singing wonderful songs for almost 20 to 25 minutes.

Then he gave a speech about “Why to come to the church on time?”. He was explaining that people are a bit lazy in coming church because there was no serious punishment. He was an example of a church’s discipline and principals in Singapore. If you are coming late to the church you have and attend the second service. But if you miss the Sunday service continuously for two times then church will issue a memo.

Immediately what our dirty mind will think? OK. enough is enough. From next Sunday onwards we will go to another church. But you won’t be able to join in a different church. Because if you would like to join in a new church you have to have a proper re leaving letter from the previous

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  1. Hello anna,,

    hope u could remember me……………..alex. black, stout with french beard……YOUTH GUY… he he..

    now u could remember me..

    nice to your postings on the web.

    good work anna.

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