Did any one know a girl who bought a gift within 5 minutes?

Yesterday, I attended my friend Rasika’s (doing her sixth standard) birthday party with my family. A couple of days back I got a call from Rasika’s dad Rajan Anna about this event. So I informed my wife regarding this. Since the function fell on a holiday, I knew that it will take lots of time to leave that party. Because each and every one of the families over there (Thilak Garden, Karthikeyapuram, Chennai) are our friends. We have to cover half a dozen houses over there. Already I made a promise to another friend to help him in preparing for an interview on software testing.  So I thought of reaching there early in the afternoon itself. I asked my wife to get ready for the birthday function.

Morning we attended our Regular Sunday Service in St. James Church, Ullagaram, Chennai and I directly came back to our house. Usually, we go to our uncle’s house and only then we go to our house. This time after reaching our house, my wife prepared the breakfast (South Indian Dosa and Coconut Chutney). I thought we will be leaving around 2:00pm to the party. But she was ready around 3:oo pm only.

On the way to Rasika’s house we landed at a fancy store to buy a gift.

First my wife went inside and had a good look at all the gift items displayed over there. In the second round she started attacking the individual sections of the store.

Jewel Box Section: First she went to the Jewel box section. She asked him to show the best looking box. He took and displayed a nice big one. She was OK with it but the price was a bit high (500 Indian Rupee’s).  Then she asked him to show the same type of box within the price range of 200 to 300 (INR). He showed her a few items. She like a particular box and fortunately the price was also 250 Rs and unfortunately the color didn’t match her expectations.

Clocks Section: Secondly she went to the Clocks and watches section. She asked him to show the best clocks.  There were two nicely designed clocks. One was with Mickey Mouse stickers and in light blue color and the next one was in Tom and Jerry in pink color. She asked the shop keeper to show her recolor watches. He said those types of clocks will come only in two colors. But it was an awesome clock as far as I was concerned since the price was only Rs.160.

The same process happened at each section – books , handbags, hairbands, boardgames …etc,.   My son Alan was asking me to buy an eraser for him.  The shop keeper showed him a box full of erasers but Alan was looking specifically some shade of red, but it was not there (A Tamil proverb “தாயைப்போல பிள்ளை நூலைப்போல சேலைன்னு சும்மாவா சொல்லி வைச்சாங்க” is most relevant one to this type of situations). Finally Alan settled down with a “somewhat” red colored eraser.  Once he bought his eraser he started calling us to leave the shop early because then only he will get ample amount of time to play with his friends. But my wife not able to select her gift yet. Whenever Alan was calling her she got angry … from  her facial expressions we could understand that.

buying a gift - illustration

buying a gift - illustration

Before coming to the shop itself she knew that it is she who decides what gift to buy. Once she picked up any item she will ask my suggestion.  It doesn’t matter whether I say no or yes. Any how, women will have their own choice. I don’t know why most of them are behaving like that. The poor shop keeper was not able to fulfill my wife’s gift choice even though he has a vast choice of latest gift items.

Then I took a bold decision. I asked the guy to show us the latest geometry boxes and I selected the best one. Asked him a box of ball-point  pens and color sketches, a small pouch and a key chain. So he packed these things in a box. We selected a red color cover. And he took a yellow colored paper piece , pealed off the sicker and crushed it, and voila’ ….it became a fantastic yellow colored flower ribbon.

We went to Rasika’s house and Alan gave her the gift with wishes. We had a light snack and returned to our house.