I paid my BSNL CellOne bill today …

Morning I went to pay my BSNL bill in Nanganallur, BSNL office. There I noticed one thing that people will be coming there to pay their bills has to wait for a while in the queue. That too one of the BSNL employee was on leave means that day it was a different ball game for the person who is handling the billing section.

Today also I met a familiar face. He smiled at me. He asked me the number.

Cellone phone bill paying tips

Cellone phone bill paying tips

I gave him a piece of paper which contains the mobile number and the name in big font size.  After seeing the number he realized that, the number is a BSNL CellOne number. So he moved to the next computer to enter the data and printed the form there machine itself.

I gave a ICICI card to pay.  So swiped the card in the bank billing machine and gave  me a copy of the receipt to get my signature. Again for the next billing he has to move again  to his previous seat. Some ideas that could help us and the BSNL employees …

  • We could pay the bill through online. (The only problem with the system is if you missed the due date it won’t allow you to pay the bill with fine. you have  to go to the nearest BSNL office.
  • We could go there with the bill
  • or we could go there with a piece of paper which contain the phone number and the subscribers name
  • If possible use bank cards.
  • or go with the exact amount to pay. (By doing this, the BSNL employee will only have to spend a few minutes with you to complete your billing. Easily could server more number of people in tough times like one of his or her co-worker on emergency leave.

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