Want To Buy A Bible in Ullagaram

buy a bible

wish to buy a Bible in Ullagaram area. Most of the Sundays you could see this shop right after you attended the service.

Usually we attend the St. James Church, Ullagaram, Chennai every Sunday. My wife was asking for some stickers which contains Bible verses … Couple of days back I noticed in front of my church only a guy put a stall to sell the Bible in different languages, different sizes, with different cover, different font size and different price range.

We bought some boards with the Bible verses and some stickers. And we bought a Bible to give it to our family friend who wants to know about Bible. A usually talk to them to understand the history of Hindu religion.
New there are some new illustrated Bibles for Kids are available. My son was so excited about his two illustrated Bibles. He loves to read them. When he was a bit small, he used to spend lots of time in seeing the pictures printed in those Illustrated Bibles.Most of the common prayers are printed nicely and made available for sales at a low price. If you buy them and keep it somewhere in your house the kids will be definitely learning those prayers in a short span of time.


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  1. Dear Bro,
    It was nice to see the thread, we usually as the youth in church have been doing it for festival occasions with money from our own pocket and gave the profits to the chuch at all times. You can see a BIBLE READING ROOM in front of church, which has been closed for almost a year now. we have infact bought some books and kept it for sales there, but with no support from church the room is closed and the shutter in front with glass panes for outsiders to read is not at all opened by our Dear Sexton who is busy with many things. inspite of our repeated efforts in making the room/shutter panel to make it viewable for the outsiders – which is a very simple way of spreading Gospel (because i have seen many people reading those bible verses) it is still closed. Me as a committee member has represented this many times, but to my vain it is still closed. i see no body in church bothered about things that needs attention. Because me as a single representative facing problems if i take up this issue to the Pastor and Committee meetings. I sincerely request you and many others to have a look at the pathetic state of that bible room and see if anything can be done to open the shutters(open the way for the gospel to spread in a silent way) rather than spending lavishly in many extension and other things. i would also like to bring to your notice that CHURCH ORGAN is in a pathetic state, which inspite of repeated reminders no use. i Sincerely request you and the members of the congregation to actively participate and engage in conversation for the upliftment of the church in many many ways..

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