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Find the Tamil Movie / Film / Cinema Name - Post your answers in the comment section

Find the Tamil Movie / Film / Cinema Name - Post your answers in the comment section

Meals in banana leaves

South Indian Non-Vegetarian Meal, Thirunagar, Madurai

South Indian Non-Vegetarian Meal, Thirunagar, Madurai

My sister Priya took this photo in Amutham hall, Thirunagar, Madurai. We were there to attend my cousin brothers Flower Keeping Function. We had a full un-limited Sounth Indian Non-Vegetarian meal (Mutton Biriyani, Chicken Kuruma, Chicken fry – leg piece, sweet – laddo, onion with curd finally a Banana. It’s always a great feel to eat our meal in Banana leaves. It may be Vegetarian meals or Non-Vegetarian meal. It doesn’t matter . If you had a hot rice or biriyani,  due to the heat produced by the hot rice, the served area of the banana leaf will become dark and smells well..

If u keep some hot foodstuff in a banana leaf it releases or emits the vitamin-C it contains. so the people get more nutrition and enrichment when they use banana leaves instead of plastic plates.

Still I remember when we were kids, in those days, whenever some guests came to my house my mum will serve food in Banana Leaves. Because in my native the cost of Banana leaves are cheaper, and most importantly if the number of guests are more Banana leaves will definitely save your time and effort to clean plates .

When we were traveling in train/bus for a long distance my mum will prepare variety rice and my dad will pack them in banana leaves.  First he will spread a news paper on the floor, on top of it he keep the prepared rice with it’s dish and some pickle. My dad is a king in packing. Without using threads he managed to pack the tightly and safely only using the outer news papers.  And the quantity of rice inside each pack will be according to the age group of our family members.

In my family we use Banana leaves for

  1. Christmas Day celebrations.
  2. New year Celebrations.
  3. Birthday Celebration.
  4. Any surprise guests. Especially other state friends and overseas friends.
  5. Engagement functions.
  6. Marriage Functions.
  7. Naming Ceremony.
  8. Funerals.

Some of the small scale manufacturers are making banana leaf as a plate in south India.  Eating in banana leaves is somewhat a part of the Malaysian culture too. Its an art to eat Rasam rice and Butter-Milk rice in Banana leaves. After you finish eating in Banana leaves, they will become food for the rode side cattle.

According to traditions, one has to eat carbohydrates (rice) first, then protein(Dal), iron rich(vegetables) and fat (curd). This is the order food is served and consumed as well. It is even more traditional, to sit on the floor in a mat and having food.