What I learned from Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan

Lashmi Narayanan  from Regunathapuram near Ranmad, Tamilnadu, India
Mr. Lashmi Narayanan from Regunathapuram near

Ranmad, Tamilnadu, India

I still remember my first meeting with Mr. Lakshmi Narayanan. It was in Hayath Hostel, Yeshwantpur, Bangalore – Karnataka state. He came there to look for an M.C.A. Project and through my friends he came to me for help. After that we often met in Bangalore.

We stayed together and studied together. As he looked so young, I treated him like a younger brother. Later I came to know that he was married and was elder than me by a couple of years. After that we started calling him as “Laks uncle”. He is tech savvy person and we learned from each other. Even-though he was married, he was smart and managed to do both household and office works.

He worked hard to gain the technical skills. Most of my friends call him “devil programmer” becausehe can write program in any language. Even if he doesn’t know the language he will learn it in a couple of days and finish the work. After I got a job in Malaysia, Prism Vision Networks Corporation Sdn. I asked him to join our company. Without any hesitation he resigned his Indian job and came to Malaysia.

There he did a tremendous work. He was one of those people who worked hard with me to get MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor) status to the company as well as our portals pvnetcop.com, masmarriage.com and masindian.com. Now he is in Bangalore with his family. He is a great guy to work with. now he has a daughter, Tharshini studying U.K.G.

I learned many things from him, but the best one is “How to manage time for studies after marriage” tofamily as well us study ( i.e., being up to date with the latest technologies). He is a role model to nearly all of my friends. He is very adjustable and jovial.He is fun to be with and his “timely jokes” are absolutely awesome. If his wife calls him, he will get tensed and will run away from us to attend the call. He uses his right hand to hold the mobile phone to his left ear.

Thanks to uncle laks :).