bible quiz 2

1.  இயேசுவின்  முதல் அற்புதம் எங்கு எப்போது நடந்தது?
2. இயேசுவின்  முதல் அற்புதம் முடிந்த பின்பு எங்கே போனார்கள்?
3. இயேசுவின்  முதல் அற்புதம் முடிந்த பின்பு எந்தப் பண்டிகை சமீபமாய் இருந்தது?
4. இயேசு எருசலேம் தேவ ஆலயத்தில் யார் யாரை அடித்துத் துரதினார்?
5. இயேசு எருசலேம் தேவ ஆலயத்தை மக்கள் இடித்துப் போட்டால் எத்துனை நாட்ட்களில் கட்டித்தருவதா சொன்னார்?

Nutritious week celebration

fruits day - St. Britto's Academy, Vellachery

fruits day - St. Britto's Academy, Vellachery

Happy fruits day – St Britto’s academy, Vellachery, Chennai

Nutritious week was observed from 27th July to 31st July at St Britto’s academy, Vellachery, Chennai. Students from all classes were given opportunity to conduct informative and creative programmes.  The importance of consuming fresh fruits, vegetables, pulse, cereals and other rich  and healthy food in our daily life was emphasized.

The nutritious week was observed to highlight the value of the food and the necessity of balanced diet for a healthy long life. “Say no to Junk Fruit”, was the main motive behind the nutritious week celebration.

The children brought fresh fruits, vegetable salad, pulses, cereals and varieties of sundals and distributed them to the students and teachers. The students of various classes spoke about the importance of nutritious food in the prayer assembly. “Daily an apple keeps the doctors away”. This proverb is reminding us the need for a nutritious food.

On that day Alan Jeffsan (my son) gave thanks giving speechon stage.The speech was as follows,” Good morning Madam, Good morning Teachers and Good morning my dear friends. On behalf of class-I I take this opportunity to thank our Principal Madam and teachers for guiding and helping us to make this day a great day. Happy fruit day to all”.

Alan was so excited about his “Fruits day” speech on that day and the fruits he was about to carry. My wife prepared a food salad with Banana, Grapes and Apple with honey. After he attended the function, later in the evening he shared his experience with us. He told us that, “The teacher collected all our fruit salad and put them in a big bucket. Then the teacher served them to all my classmates”.

A chart was given to the students  with the snacks, lunch they have to bring during the whole week. Really it was so nutritious and the child liked them all. Now as parents we are also happy to give a healthy food for our child.

To write this post, I took some content from the Alan’s school internal news paper “Bows and Arrow”. I am very big fan of this news paper. Thank to Mrs. Uma for her wonderful well organized article.