I bought a new watch – 30 rupees

Captain Vijayakanth - DMDK leader

Captain Vijayakanth - DMDK leader

I bought a new watch for me and for my son from Saravana Stores, Ranganathan stree, Mambalam, Chennai. My watch cost me 220 rs and my sons watch cost me 175 rs. Both of them were displayed their brand name as “CASINO” quartz, stainless steel back, water resistant, India – Mega Sports watch.

Suddenly I saw a watch with a photographic image  my favorite actor  Vijayakanth (Tamil Film Actor Captain Vijayakanth). I bought that watch for just 30 rupees but I wore it for a couple of weeks. Now my friend is wearing it. The watch manufacturers printed his party name DMDK below his picture.

My favorite movies are Captain Prabhaharan, Managarak kaaval, Naattaamai, Ramana, Vallarasu, Mariyaathai. I like his stunning free kicks and back kicks. I don’t like to worry about his personal life. But he is a good police officer in films. He is the favorite star for our entire family (My mum and my cousin brother Agastin Happy)

In the same shop itself I saw watch holding few other Tamil actors faces … So if you are a Vijayakanth FAN, have a look at this watch in Saravana store .. 🙂

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