I got a sms regarding Swine Flu

Do you believe it?

Flash News: “Thilasi” is found as a best medicine for “swine flu”. it is proved by scientist.- save our country.

Do not forward any such messages like this.

Already media is making lots of hype, that’s enough. Government it taking necessary actions at least now. Instead of sending these sms, you could have send the place where H1N1 Swine Flu test is being conducted.

If you think you have symptoms, immediately consult a government hospital doctor. They will give the best treatment and suggestions. Let the government doctors talk about the disease because they are the one with practically dealing the H1N1 affected patients.

One Response

  1. Absolutely, Agree!!! When Doctors say that Tamiflu is the only known medicine and available only in the H1N1 treating centers folks think they can buy them of a medical shop which says they have it!!! Idiots!!!!

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