I installed the Firefox again …

Help others – Nero DVD Writer and Firefox. My neighborhood sister asked me favor of  writing some photos in to vcd/dvd. I noticed that still they were using IE. I installed Firefox and some useful extensions delicious, dictionary, ..

I am very happy that I installed the Firefox again One more PC. I thought them some Firefox Add-on’s . They were very happy to see the tabbed functionality.  I burnt DVD from the computer which was completely filled with their family photos. Their computer memory was full due to the Photo Collections they have stored from the day one they bought the computer.

They were showing me bill of BSNL broadband connection. For a single day the internet usage shows a bill of 560 Rs. I don’t know what was the reason.  She was telling me that one day she played online games for a couple of hours.  Even though the bill come up to 500 + rupees, still they are playing online game.  Will any body have the same experience? If so kindly share your experience in the comments section.

Murugan Store Muniyasamy – Superfast Gas Stove Service

Superfast Gas Stove Service - Karthikeyapuram, Chennai

Superfast Gas Stove Service - Karthikeyapuram, Chennai

A small boy in Karthikeyapuram Murugan Store (Sales & Service of Cooker, Mixie, Grainder, Gas Stove, Fan, Iron Box, Motor Re-winding) fixed our gas stove in five minutes using a small screwdriver. He was helping his owner in fixing different thing. We saw they were selling Cooker, Mixie, Grinder, Gas Stove, Fan, Iron Box, Motor and doing service as well.