Finally Its Raining In Chennai

Finally God had mercy on Chennai and it rained for the past few days. Night time was pleasant to sleep. A surprise visitor Mr Dragonfly (king dragonfly – ராஜா தட்டான்) came to our house.

king dragonfly - ராஜா தட்டான்

king dragonfly - ராஜா தட்டான்

In my school days we used to catch these dragonfly in the rainy season. Its  was  every difficult to catch a king dragonfly (ராஜா தட்டான்). The other tough guy was Red dragonfly ( மிளகாய் தட்டான்). We called this as “Milagaai Thattan” because of its red color. If we wish to show our catching skill one has to catch a king dragonfly or red dragon fly. If any one of these  bite you means the pain will remain at least for one hour. All the other dragonfly varieties  are easy to catch.

When I joined in Ramanathapuram St. Andrews Elementary School, I noticed some of my friends  catch the dragonfly,and remove its end portion of the tail, then insert a piece of grass. After that they will throw that dragon fly in the air. Poor dragonfly will struggle to fly. All were happy to watch its struggle. But now if you think of that I (you)  feel very bad.

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