kucheee ice – school days enjoyment :)

குச்சி ஐஸ்

குச்சி ஐஸ்- ice

From the left my son Alan Jeffsan, his friend Moses and Moses’s brother were enjoying their kuchii  ice. I took this photo in my Ullagaram CSI Church, Chennai  a week back when we were celebrating “Harvesting Festival ” to collect funds to help NMSI.

Still I remember the Paal Ice (குச்சி ஐஸ்) one for 50 paise, we use to eat in my school days.  I use to eat lots of  ice whenever my father and I visited his friend Bhasheer’s Ice  factory in Ramanathapuram. Bhasheer uncle and my dad were classmates.I use to have at least three Paal Ices.  It was a great fun to watch how they make those big ice bars.

Small and medium scale merchants will come there to collect the ice bars in iceboxes in their three-wheelers. Most of them were those who sell ice and ice creams in the road side. These boxes will have thermocol sheets to protect the ice from melting.

After our cricket practice sessions in J.J. College of Arts and Science in Pudukkpttai in the weekends we had ice. I had different varieties in my college life namely kuchee ice (குச்சி ஐஸ்), Gulfee Ice (குல்பி ஐஸ்), Paal Ice(பால் ஐஸ்), Ice cream box, tube ice ….

There was an ice called lipstick ice because once you had them your lips well become red for a while. So kids love to have that lipstick ice.

Even though my mum advised us not to take these ice in school, often I had them without her knowledge  :). After I had the ice, I collect those small sticks so that the I will use them in my project works. My father once taught me how to use these stick as a fence to zoo project, how to  arrange them as trails so that a train made up of empty matchboxes will travel on that  … My dad’s creativity was incomparable. Now I am teaching whatever I learned from my dad to my son every weekend.