Holi Festival Gurgaon, Haryana 2008

Holi means festival of colors. Always this festival falls in the spring season. Everywhere you could see the fresh green gross and trees. First time I saw the Holi Festival in north India the celebration of colors. It was an amazing sight to see people splash color water and powders on one another. Women were dancing and singing songs. Kids were playing with their water guns. No one takes offense when somebody applies color on him / her.


Gurgaon - Holi celebration


Holi Festival - Maruthi Vihar Gurgaon, Haryana

I celebrated the Holi festival in my corporate office itself. All my team members taught me how to dance. They applied colors on everybody. Some people don’t like to dirt their dress. so for them we applied colors only on their cheeks or in the hands. The moment I reached my house in Maruthi Vihar, most of my neighbors came and applied color on me. Unfortunately of fortunately 🙂 I was wearing a white t-shirt on that day. Most of the shops in the market were selling the color powders. I saw the national integration over there because those who celebrated holi were from different parts of India. Their culture were totally different but happily celebrated the holi.