first thing you have to do after bought a new land


Name board showing your contact details and your address

I took this photo in Madurai, P&T nagar. Its a great idea to place a broad like this. If you are buying land in new (away from your current put-up) area just put a temporary fence and place a board like this. It will help you in a lot many ways. One of my uncle bought a land near Dindukkal around ten years back and he never been there for a long time. Last year he visited that place and terribly shocked to see lots of huts and people started living there. To vacate them … those people are demanding money it seams.


  1. Keep a temporary compound wall
  2. Place a board with phone and contact details
  3. If you are bought a little big big land ask somebody to stay there as watchman until you occupy that land
  4. At least  visit once in two months to that land