A happy ride in the rain – After a long time

Yesterday evening around 5:50 pm I came out of my office to reach my putup. In Chennai One TCS office, Thoraipakkam  there was no rain. But the sky was too dark. Even a small baby could imagine there will be a heavy shower, and I did the same. I ran out to the two wheeler parking area and took my bike (Hero honda splender) out. Before I reach the CTS building the rain started heavily.

Even though I got a warning from my wife (daily) to ride my bike slowly(her expectation was 30 – 40 km/hr), I usually travel in 50 km / hour speed. But due to the heavy rain and his friend wind, I ride my bike at a speed of around 15 to 20 km / hour. After a long time it was a wonderful feeling to ride the bike  in the rain. Fortunately I was keeping my son’s sun glasses in my office bag. It protected me from the heavy dust and rain drops. I remembered my  school days,  When ever rain comes I love to

  1. Dance in the rain
  2. Floating paper ships (Tearing papers from the school notebook)
  3. Spraying water on  friends
  4. Catch the water drops in the hand (Usually I like to catch the drops of rain water which fall from the the roof of the cattle hut – coconut tree leaves which was used to cover the hut’s roof)
  5. After the rain taking our friends under the tree and shake the tree to make him wet
  6. Leaving the umbrella in the wind and chasing it from the behind
  7. Playing football in the rain
  8. Jumping into the water pond (small once on the tar roads) so thatit splashed on the  friend’s dress and get spoiled by the mud

.. But most of the time our parents restricted us to do such things ….

I reached home  changed my dress and had a hot tea with beautiful memories.

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